Romans 13:6

Greek/English Interlinear with Strong’s Numbers

King James Version

For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.
New King James Version

For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God’s ministers attending continually to this very thing.
New American Standard Bible

For because of this you also pay taxes; for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing.
New International Version

This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing.
The Amplified Bible

For this same reason you pay taxes, for [the civil authorities] are official servants under God, devoting themselves to attending to this very service.
Wuest’s Expanded Translation

for because of this you pay taxes; for God’s public servants they are, continually giving their attention to this very thing.
Phillips’ Modern English

It is right, too, for you to pay taxes for the civil authorities are appointed by God for the constant maintenance of public order.
Williams’ Language of the People

for this is the reason why you pay your taxes, for the civil authorities are God’s official servants faithful devoting themselves to this very end.
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