Ask Not What God Can Do For You

Neil Girrard

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Almost a generation ago, an American president made a passionate appeal to the people, saying, "Ask not what your country can do for you. But rather ask: What can you do for your country." This roused in many people a fervent stirring of patriotic duty and launched many an endeavor designed to make America superior to the other nations in one way or another.

The heavy emphasis in the "church" today, setting aside for the moment the large mass of lethargic pew sitters who rely on some man to mediate between them and God, is upon "ministry" as the source of one's identity in the body of Christ. Those who are the most active in their religion for God are most often driven to accomplish some great act or to perform some never-ending service. It is their "life's work," they maintain, to carry out this mission and they will put forth much ef