3.7 Why the Baptism of the Spirit Is a Special Time of Danger


Chapter 3. Deception by Evil Spirits in Modern Times

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Another question of grave importance arises just here. Why, after a Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the believer should be so specially open to the deceiver's workings, for the enemy must have ground to work upon, and with the Holy Spirit so manifestly in possession, how can "ground," be possible, or the believer be open to the deceiver's approach?

Possibly because in preceding years, through yielding to sin, an evil spirit may have obtained access to body or mind, and, hiding deeply in the structure of the man, never been detected, or dislodged. The manifestation of this evil spirit possibly being so apparently "natural," or so identified with the person's character, as to have had unhindered sway in his being; such as some peculiar idea in the mind being considered as part of the man's idiosyncrasy; some habit of body, as part of the upbringing of the man himself, therefore "put up with" by others, and looked upon by the believer as a lawful thing, or of trivial importance; or else this evil spirit had lodgment through some secret sin known only to the person, or through some disposition which gave him sway. [See also Chapter 4. Passivity the Chief Basis of Possession and Chapter 5. Deception and Possession].

In the Baptism of the Spirit, the sin will of necessity have been dealt with; that is, the "works of the devil," but the evil spirit manifested in the peculiar idiosyncrasy, is left undetected. The Baptism of the Spirit takes place, and the Holy Spirit fills the spirit of the man; the body and mind are "surrendered" to God, but hidden secretly in one, or both, is the evil spirit, or spirits, which obtained lodgment years before, but who now break forth into activity, and hide their "manifestations" under cover of the true workings of the Spirit of God, dwelling within the inner shrine of the spirit.

The result of this is, that for a time, the heart is filled with love; the spirit is full of light and joy; the tongue is loosed to witness, but ere long a "fanatical spirit" may be detected creeping in, or a subtle spirit of pride, or self-importance, and self-aggrandisement, concurrent with the other pure fruits of the Spirit, which are undeniably of God.

What the ground is upon which the deceiver works to carry out his schemes, and what these schemes are, and why in so many instances they succeed in ensnaring devoted believers, we shall deal with later on in this book. The fact to emphasize now, is, that "honest" and earnest believers can be deceived, and even "possessed" by deceiving spirits, so that for a period they go out of the main line into a bog of deception, or they are left deceived to the end, unless light for their deliverance reaches them.

[3.6] The Peril of the Time of the Baptism of the Spirit
[3.8] The Need for Examinatton of Theories
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