8.18 The Danger of a Wrong Kind of "Fight"


Chapter 8: The Path to Freedom

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Rom. 6:11 π Jas. 4:7 π Rev. 12:11; 2nd

But resistance, i.e., action of spirit, soul or body, must not take the place of refusal by the will. A man may "fight" without any result, if he does not first "refuse." There is an evil fight, i.e., a resistance in body or brain, which is due to possession. If it exists it must be refused. To be clear that this evil force is not in operation, the believer can say, "I refuse all evil fight now in spirit, soul or body." The believer may be resisting something in himself which is the fruit of his choice in the past, and which only his "refusal," or revoking of his past choice, can touch in the present. Fighting by force, or resistance, must therefore always have at the back of it the volitional attitude of refusal. For example

1) in the refusing stage of regaining the use of the memory, the man says "I will to remember," and so to speak, by the action of his will he lays hold of freedom; then follows

2) the actual fighting stage where he holds the liberty he has taken by refusal, and actively insists upon the enemy giving way, until the memory becomes really free from his possession.

A few brief suggestions for attitude and action may be added here in condensed form, for the guidance of any who are seeking freedom from the enemy's power:

  1. Keep claiming the power of the blood. ( Rev. 12:11; top )
  2. Pray for light, and face the past.
  3. Resist the devil persistently in your spirit. Page 183, 257.
  4. Never give up hope that you will be set free.
  5. Avoid all self-introspection. Page 190.
  6. Live, and pray for others, and thus keep your spirit in full aggressive and resisting power.

Again it may be said:

  1. Stand daily on Rom. 6:11 ; as the attitude to sin.
  2. Resist the enemy ( Jas. 4:7 ) daily on the ground of the blood of Christ ( Rev. 12:11; top )
  3. Live daily for others; i.e., outward, and not inward.

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