"Church" or Ekklesia

A Series of Articles

Neil Girrard

This compilation of articles examines how attending "church" is so very different than being the ekklesia, the people called out of this world's darkness to live in and attend to the affairs of Christ's kingdom of light.

All articles are formatted as simply as possible and should print directly from your web browser.

  1. What God Is Really Saying Now
  2. The Shell Game
  3. The Lost Power of Words
  4. On the Basis of Scripture
  5. Nothing New
  6. Questions and Answers About Churchianity
  7. But I Met God There
  8. The Book
  9. Catch 22: The American "Church's" Dilemmas
  10. But the Building Is Only a Tool
  11. Review of The Open Church
  12. In Search of the Perfect Church
  13. The Paradigm Shift
  14. What's Wrong With "Church"?
  15. Pastors
  16. Origins
  17. The New Testament Pattern of Ekklesia
  18. Hypocrisy:The Dread Disease of Frustration
  19. FUBAR: Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
  20. Why Now?
  21. The Worst Enemy
  22. The Local Church in the Time of Apostasy
  23. Apostasy or Rapture
  24. Betrayal
  25. WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?)
  26. The Assembly
  27. One Big Circle
  28. Silence
  29. Told to Go
  30. The Power of Truth
  31. Joy For All?
  32. War and Responsibility
  33. How "Eld" Must an Elder Be?
  34. Jude's Dilemma
  35. Missionaries
  36. How Far Is Too Far?
  37. Unity Is Not Optional
  38. Wolves: How to Spot a False Shepherd
  39. Paths of Righteousness
  40. History Revisited
  41. Spirit and Truth
  42. Ordination
  43. A Vision and Confirming Insights
  44. Ask Not What God Can Do For You
  45. Purity
    Appendix A: Ekklesia - A Word Study
    Appendix B: One Anothering Commands

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