W.W. Fischer
The End Time Men

The purpose of this book is to point us in the direction of total surrender to Almighty God.

As we rapidly accelerate into the end times and the judgment, we need to prepare and be ready for the Lord’s return. Only those who have completely submitted their wills to God’s holy will will be able to hear the still small voice say, “Come up higher.”

Many of these reflections were written in answer to the pressing necessity of a deeper walk with the Spirit of truth of the Scripture. Some of the other messages were inspired as a necessary exhortation, especially for the Body of Christ, in its hour of apostasy.

“Come out…be separate…” is a necessary admonition that we must be different from the world. We are not to be seeking the acclaim of men. Our only desire should be that our precious Lord and Savior be glorified, and that His prayer be answered: “…that they may be one as We are one.”

- Sandra and W.W. Fischer
April 1989
Socorro, N.M.

Editor’s Note:

The Fischers lived in a time when the King James Version was one of the superior translations available. As times have progressed, the English language has changed and Biblical scholarship has advanced. Throughout this book, I have taken the liberty to update the English where necessary to make reading easier and to facilitate understanding of the text at hand.

In addition, some of the Scripture references were not supplied in the original book. I have added these in the hopes that even just one person might, for themselves, become more familiar with what the Bible really says.

It is my belief and my prayer that this book will minister mightily to all who read it as it has ministered to me in posting it on the web.

Neil Girrard

1. The Body of Christ
The End Time Men

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