69. World

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Ex. 32:26 π Rom. 12:2 π Gal. 6:14 π Rev. 22:20

“And be not conformed to this world…” ( Rom. 12:2; top )

Obviously, we can’t have the best of God and still be involved in the minutest degree in the things of the world. Only if we are dead to the things of the world can we expect to appear with Him when He comes again.

God will not compromise and allow anything of this world to contaminate His Kingdom. This applies with absolute profundity and clarity with the approach of the end of the Church age.

We must deny the lusts of the world, and be unspotted from the world, by escaping the pollution and corruption of the world; to be like Christ in the world we must be crucified to the world. ( Gal. 6:14; top ) This eliminates a host of religious activities that are common practice among born-again believers.

Jesus did not tolerate half-hearted dedication to His Heavenly Father’s Kingdom, yet the percentage of sold-out Christians, even in full-gospel circles, is minute. Many are making merchandise of the Kingdom, and this is commonplace even in evangelical circles. Others are surrendered to blessings and prosperity, but total involvement in walking as Jesus walked reduces their ranks as Gideon’s ranks were depleted.

The attractions of the world are accepted by individual egos and self-will, yet we protect these two subtle servants of the world by erroneously evading their total capitulation to the will of Almighty God.

Many are surrendered to denominational loyalties, or their family faith, which avoids a new and daily confrontation by God Himself in their lives. The manna of yesterday never suffices. Its corruption reeks its way into the Holy of Holies, and our Heavenly Father is angry.

The world controls the church in the gravest hour of mankind, as no voices are heard contesting the charades of the Church as it turns its wheels in the muck and mire of worldly pleasures.

“Who is on the Lord’s side?” ( Ex. 32:26; top ) is the call, and the resultant deep repentance will root out the shallowness of half-dedicated Charismatics; and then the hosannas will ring into the heavenlies as a rushing mighty wind, and the enemies of God will be submitted to the cleansing of the Blood that will produce the true sons of God. They will be disinfected, scrubbed, manicured and washed, and pronounced dead to man’s unholy guidance. They will forsake human loyalties and substitute for it total loyalty and obedience to Almighty God, whose glory, honor, might, power, wisdom and dominion shall reign forever!

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” ( Rev. 22:20; top )

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The End Time Men

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