88. There is a Time Coming VERY Soon

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer

When: All tears and heartaches will disappear.

When: Past misfortunes and their memories will fade away.

When: Every valley will show the beautiful colors of flowers and birds, now that the storm has passed by.

When: All prodigals will come home and celebrations will be extravagant in joy and thanksgiving.

When: Misunderstandings by one’s friends will turn to new relationships of deep love and concern for everyone.

When: The many years of toil and weariness will be replaced by the gentle refreshing smile of Jesus.

When: The plans of a lifetime, which have never materialized but left us weak and numb, are forgotten as the Lord gives us greater plans and greater success than the original plans.

When: Lonesomeness, with its achy and empty feelings, goes on a permanent vacation, as He who abides forever becomes your constant friend. Not only that, but God brings along some of His choice friends to visit daily with us, mainly: David, Peter, Moses, Abigail, Paul, Abraham and Isaac. My, my, what quality friends.

When: The people that rejected and hurt you arrive at your doorstep with gifts and refuse to leave until every hurt is healed and healthy.

When: The bill collectors and their constant reminders of one’s inability to pay are replaced by the stamp of “paid in full” and you in turn forgive their bills, too.

When: The remorse of past mistakes bows one’s head in sorrow, but a rush of God’s great forgiveness and mercy puts an inextinguishable light in its place, as peace engulfs one’s every thought.

When: The experiences of all past sufferings and anxieties are lost as in awe we see the nail-scarred hands and feet of the Lord Himself.

The Lord will never forsake His inheritance, and we are His only inheritance.

87. Conferring with Flesh and Blood π 89. Waiting Upon the Lord
The End Time Men

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