161. Repetitious Religious Futility

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Mt. 12:25 π Mt. 22:37 π Lk. 16:8 π Gal. 5:17

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart...” (not partially) ( Mt. 22:37; top )

God is not running to and fro from one church congregation to another to promote the unity of the Spirit, because He knows it will be impossible to have spiritual unity until He can get a group of people totally concerned about surrendering their hearts to Him. The Church world of today is ruled by the flesh (which is in opposition to the Spirit - Gal. 5:17; top ) because the Church of today has only a partially yielded heart.

We were meant to be ruled by the Spirit of God that entered in us at the new birth. However, our leadership, with a partially surrendered heart, will never go beyond what they’ve been taught, no matter what Scripture says.

A house divided cannot stand. ( Mt. 12:25; top )

Our partially surrendered hearts have consistently produced divided results:

An elder who loves the Scripture, but consistently breaks traffic laws.

The Christian housewife who buys what she likes, regardless what her husband says or what God says.

The pastor who preaches holiness, yet keeps a risqué magazine hidden in his closet.

A wealthy elder is appointed, even though he is a novice, but the building program needs help.

Then there is the choir director who loves the spiritual lyrics and music of hymns, but is a jazz and rock fan.

These inconsistencies and others will eventually rise to the surface because of partially-surrendered hearts. These manifest themselves in any church group by producing clashes of interest among the people, until a split develops, and then the congregation blames the trustees, cliques, the board or the pastor.

New board members will be appointed by people with partially surrendered hearts and new pastors are called, but this unholy syndrome repeats itself continually.

This causes a dispersing of the sheep, who start looking to join other groups, only to have a repetition of their former church experience repeated at their next destination. No wonder Jesus is a man of sorrows.

Yet the ability to discern the reason for this dilemma escapes even the gift-operating parishioners, as these partially-surrendered hearts cannot discern the darkness in their own hearts. Yet this darkness has been there from the very beginning, and only comes to the surface from time to time.

The people of the world would have reacted much sooner than the Christians have reacted to find a solution to the constant contentions brought forth by the partially-surrendered hearts of the Christians. ( Lk. 16:8; top )

We must come to God in deep repentance and ask Him to purge and cleanse us and make us candidates for a totally-surrendered heart.

Then, as we abstain from all appearance of evil, our God will sanctify us not partially, but wholly, and preserve us blameless unto His coming, so we can meet Him in the air. Otherwise, the weight of our sins will not let us rise to meet Him.

He is faithful who has called us, and He will also fulfill it, if we surrender.

God, be merciful to us in these perilous end times!

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The End Time Men

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