Poverty in the Body of Christ

Neil Girrard
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Num. 13:1-15 π Dt. 34:1-4 π Josh. 14:10 π Josh. 14:12 π Josh. 14:15

The Lord took Moses up Mount Nebo in Moab and showed him the land of Canaan which the Israelites would inherit after they crossed the Jordan. Moses could see far to the north, far to the south and westward all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. (see Dt. 34:1-4; top )

It is not difficult to imagine Caleb - one of the twelve men originally assigned to spy out the land of Canaan when the Israelites first came near to it (see Num. 13:1-15 ), who had to wait forty-five years to inherit his portion of the land (see Josh. 14:10; top ) - taking his three sons on a "quick vacation trip" to Mount Nebo. Caleb would find a vantage point, look due west, then a little south and see the hill country of Hebron. He would then say to his sons, "That's where we're going to live, boys. Sure, there's giants there and they have large fortified cities, but, by God's help, we'll drive them out just as God promised us through Moses. Just wait, boys. You'll see it happen with your own eyes." As it turned out, Hebron was, at the time, named after the greatest giant who had ever lived there and three of his descendants lived there then - but Caleb was not swayed. (see Josh. 14:12 , 15; top )

Today, we have another Mount Nebo kind of opportunity. We can stand on the mountain and view the land we are to inherit. In the portion we are to inherit, we see at least two giants ruling over the land and enslaving our brothers and sisters in Christ to carnal, worldly ways. These two are Religion and Mammon. Someday we will see the heads of these two giants separated from their bodies and rolling in the dust at our feet - and the body of Christ will be freed from religiosity, churchianity, materialism and the shallow relationships with one another that result from these spiritually vile practices. In the meantime, however, the generation before us (those born before 1960 to give an approximate date) seems too steeped in religious practices and service to Mammon to even see the sins they are swallowed up in. These may indeed have to do a few more laps around Mt. Sinai and die in the wilderness, ultimately being denied the opportunity to experience all the promises of God.

But for the next generation and those of this one called to be a Joshua or a Caleb, I say, "Just wait, boys. Just wait. You'll see it with your own eyes. Someday, we're gonna live right there."

Introduction π 1. Neglecting the Poor
Poverty in the Body of Christ

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