Poverty in the Body of Christ

A Series of Articles Produced by Personal Experience

Neil Girrard

  • Introduction. You can't fully understand poverty until you've been there.
  • Prologue The story of Caleb offers us more than you might think.
  • 1. Neglecting the Poor God is wanting us to change the way we deal with the poor.
  • 2. Dealing With the Impoverished How we view the "poor" affects how we interact with them.
  • 3. More Than Words Is what we say to the poor different than what we really are in relation to those who have less than enough?
  • 4. Not of the Body Does our treatment of the poor and one another have more significance than modern "Christianity" teaches?
  • 5. American Independence vs. Body Interdependence Is our Americanized independence actually preventing us from being the Body of Christ?
  • 6. Do What They Need Who really benefits from all those "good" things we do?
  • 7. Going to the Source The source upon which we draw - God or our self - may well be the difference between eternal life and death.
  • Conclusion There are several words - not just one - that we need to consider to make righteous conclusions in this matter.
  • Epilogue What others do have nothing to do with our responsibilities before God.

  • I'd love to hear comments and/or questions from you! Email me!

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