Poverty in the Body of Christ

Neil Girrard
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Josh. 15:13-17 π Josh. 15:18-19

After Caleb conquered the land around Hebron (having driven out the giants and conquering the fortified cities - see Josh. 15:13-17 ), he was in a position to pass on property and water rights to his children. (see Josh. 15:18-19; top ) Those Calebs and Joshuas - who must stand by and watch as their contemporaries and elders wither away and die - will someday see the taking of the land. You may, like Caleb, be eighty-five years old when you see the giants Religion and Mammon die but you will see it. And you will have possessions worth passing on to your children which will remain in their possession forever.

Though everyone around you does what is right in his own eyes and wastes his worldly resources on trivialities, gluttonies and entertainments, keep your eyes steadfastly on the Lord. Only in this way will your love for the saints, even in their carnal, worldly practices, remain fervent and you will be enabled to persevere to the end and you will obtain the prize of your upward calling in Christ Jesus.

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Poverty in the Body of Christ

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