Discerning Fruit

Neil Girrard

Jesus unequivocally said, “You will know those who speak of Me falsely by the things that proceed from their lives.”

Our problem is that we judge on a the basis of appearance because we are carnal and spiritually unable to discern according to God’s standards. Consider the following examples:

And the list could go on. Paul told us to withdraw from those who have a form of godliness but don’t really have His power – power demonstrated in divine, self-sacrificing agape love and the genuine righteousness (what is right in God’s eyes) of God. We must see the things that proceed from people’s lives, recognizing them for what they are as God sees them, or else we will soon come under the same strong delusion that will engulf all those who derive pleasure from some sin or other and we will reap a judgment worse than if we had never known the way of truth at all.

Let he who has ears hear.

Matthew 7:16
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