The Final Solution

Neil Girrard

Paul wrote, “For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

It is well-known now to animal biologists that wild animals do not survive, let alone thrive, in captivity without the animal’s keeper having a proper understanding of the animal’s innate being, needs and behaviors. It is only in the past few decades that animals have been relieved of monotony, boredom and the stifled environment of bare prison cages as animal keepers have finally begun to practice more humane and beneficial keeping practices that incorporate elements of the animal’s natural habitat into its now structured and domesticated environment.

Though the human being is far more than a mere animal, the question needs to be asked: is the human an “animal” that should be wild and free or one that should be domesticated and kept in an enclosed, structured environment? This question lies at the root of all political, religious and social philosophy.

Let us note the obvious difficulties:

First, if the human “animals” run wild and free, they are likely, even certain, to destroy their own habitat and environment. Unlike wild animals who follow their internal instincts (a direct link to the Creator Spirit of life) and merge into their habitat in such a way that a healthy (albeit lethal and violent) balance is most often struck, man has no such innate instincts and will over-utilize one aspect of his habitat while under-utilizing another aspect that would eliminate or counterbalance the other over-utilization(s). Thus man’s pursuit of liberty and freedom is plagued with an inordinate “carbon footprint” and a legacy of human misery and spiritual devastation – even in spite of the Creator Spirit of life’s intervention in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Second, if the human “animals” are to be caged and kept, who gets to be the keeper? Who gets to decide the rules and boundaries of the human “animal’s” structured and domesticated environment? The various answers to the multitudes of ways this question has arisen and been addressed is the history of collectivism, despotism, democracy, socialism, monarchy, aristocracy, individualism and even theocracy as each philosophy has collided with another and each has held various patters of ascendency throughout the history of mankind. Answering the question of “who gets to be the keeper of the cage?” is almost entirely a history of bloodshed, oppression and persecution. It can only be said that the human “animal” lacks all proper understanding of its own innate nature, needs and behaviors required to provide itself a suitable – even survivable – artificial environment and habitat.

In this second difficulty is hidden the monstrous arrogance or maniacal delusion that a mere human “animal” can rise above the limitations of its own species and be qualified and able to be a keeper of its own cages. Truly such arrogance and delusion (such as produced Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin and the multiple dilemmas that threaten to destroy the human race today) is only proof that the human “animal” is capable only of destroying its own habitat and environment – even in that segment of human “animals” that considers itself above the “common herd.”

Hidden within the first difficulty is the evidence of what the Bible speaks of as the Fall. Man’s lack of an innate ability to “naturally” hear and obey the voice and leading of the Creator Spirit of life results in his near universal inability to “naturally” merge into his habitat and meld into a healthy relationship with the other aspects of creation – neither with the lower life forms nor with the order, balance and “harmony” of the creation nor with the other human “animals” around him. His inner inability to put to death his innate (fallen) desires for wealth, power and prestige and his inner innate inability to directly and deeply link to the Creator Spirit of life precludes his being able to “naturally” fall into step with creation and his fellow beings. If there had been no Fall, human history would have been much different than it is now.

As fallen human “animals” continue to experiment with various ways to “improve” the cages they have constructed to domesticate the other wild human “animals,” we can only expect the bloodshed, oppression and persecution to continue as well. Because there is another contender for the world’s “throne” (seat of global dominion and control over all things) other than the Creator Spirit of life, we can expect the bloodshed, oppression and persecution to escalate until such time as the Creator Spirit of life returns to claim the world’s “throne” for Himself. The only solution to this world’s problems is the return of the true King – the only Man genuinely qualified to be a “keeper of the cage” – the Lord Jesus Christ. Until He returns, the vicious cycle of bloodshed, oppression and persecution will continue, escalate and culminate upon His return. This cycle is the judgment and consequence upon all who squander their spiritual liberty in the pursuit of gratifying their lower flesh nature.

The solution the Bible has offered to the tyranny of other men is the fruit of His Spirit called “self-control.” This country was founded enough on the principle of self-control (a “natural by-product” of a life lived in obedience to or union with the Creator Spirit of life who is also known as the Spirit of liberty and the Spirit of Christ) that now, as more and more people turn from spiritual self-control to lawless indulgence of their flesh nature, the nation (and the world as well) must be given over to human cage-keepers just to even somewhat restrain evil from destroying everything. This atrocity is the best the contender for the world’s “throne” (Satan) can accomplish in his quest to be like the Most High God but this is not how God intends it to remain and, thankfully, He will not leave this world in this hateful condition. All creation – except fallen man – eagerly waits to see what man, once he is brought back into a full, working, interactive, obedient, dependent relationship with the Creator Spirit of life, will be like. There will be harmony and peace with God, creation and one another – but even then it will require a rod of iron to make it a reality. And one last rebellion will prove to all that evil, apart from its demise under the finished work of the Creator Spirit of life at the cross of Christ cannot be cured – it must be eradicated and all who prefer evil, darkness and death (those who have used their liberty as opportunity for their fallen flesh nature) must be eradicated along with it. This is the true and only “final solution” to man’s problems.

Let he who has ears hear.

Galatians 5:13

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