A Recent Conversation

Neil Girrard

About five years ago, Christopher Page wrote a blog posting that sounded like he was trying to at least communicate over the vast chasm between “church”-goers and non-“church”-goers and the reasons why people leave “church.” David Yeubanks and myself answered his post and though the conversation was rather short-lived, it still provides a wealth of insight and answers into the issues of those who no longer desire to be in “church” but who still seek the truth of Christ. The conversation spread across three blog threads so each link is provided. In the first blog, which begins with Christopher’s original letter, David’s response and mine are near the bottom of the comments.

Letter To A Non-Churchgoer #1

Reasons People Leave Church #1

Reasons People Leave Church #2

I’d love to hear comments and/or questions from you! Email me! Or add your insights about leaving “church” on the blog site!

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