Completing the Revolution

Neil Girrard

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George Barna’s new term for those people making an exodus from “church” – revolution – is as good a term as any, though it does have limits to its applicability. Another man who has been involved with this revolution for 20 years (according to his own claims) is suddenly trying to distance himself from that movement. Why?

Andrew Strom’s complaints against this revolution are that simply leaving the “church” doesn’t work because:

“It does not transition into real New Testament ‘Body Life.’ It does not lead to Revival. It does not transform the church. It…leads to what I call ‘amorphous blob’ Christianity. In other words the Body of Christ becomes an unfocused mass of individualists without form or direction.” (“Leaving Behind the ‘Out-of-Church’ Revolution”)

Unfortunately in this withdrawal statement, Andrew is painting with such a wide brush that no real applications can be made from what he has written. Of course, generally speaking, the “out-of-church” movement (George Barna’s revolution) “does not work” at producing anything that will in any way resemble “church.” God’s next season is in bringing twos and threes together that do a “quiet” work that brings glory and honor only to Him and that, cumulatively, establishes His body on a world-wide, “grassroots” level (as occurred in the 1st and 2nd centuries). That such works are not readily visible to any that are not involved in such things does not mean that God’s method of pulling His people out of the “church” is failing. Andrew’s frustration at what he sees as wasteful inaction, coupled with his own submerged heart attitudes and long-held “church” paradigms, has produced a confused and confusing message that is going to hurt the people he is trying to lead out of the wilderness.

The backdrop against which this “quiet” gathering of twos and threes (and small groups of individuals – not individualists. Note well the difference!) is occurring in the face of the great falling away from the faith (the apostasy, the “church”) and any mass movement of men will more likely be a part of that than part of any next new move of God.

From reading his confusing withdrawal statement, Andrew’s solutions seem to be a call to embrace an “enter into the Promised Land” mentality by abandoning “the wilderness mentality.” And he has removed his e-book, “The Out-of-Church Christians” from his website. He strongly feels the need to deal with this issue before 2006 comes (either he wrote this a year ago, he’s behind a year or he meant 2007 – either way, it’s more evidence of the confusion under which Andrew is laboring in this matter), which he believes will be a crucial year. His strategy to enter “the Promised Land” appears to be a call to submit to leaders but he fails miserably to say who or what those leaders are. From his confused and confusing withdrawal from the “out-of-church” movement statement, we can easily infer that he is next going to tell us to go back to “church”!

Actually, I do believe Andrew is hearing something from God but Andrew has some preconceived false notions (yet another paradigm) that are coloring and distorting what he is hearing. The confusion that has erupted from Andrew’s withdrawal statement is yet more evidence of this.

Andrew wrote:

“The New Testament also states that we need ‘Fathers’ in the faith who bring correction, discipline and teaching.” (“Leaving Behind”)


“Those who [reject] the ‘fathers’ or ‘shepherds’ are often people who have a deep stronghold of ‘REBELLION’ in their hearts – just as I myself used to do.” (“Leaving Behind”)

Unfortunately this is blatantly contradicted by Jesus’ words:

“And do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father. He who is in heaven. And do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ.” ( Mt. 23:8-9 NASB; top)

Andrew says:

“If we are unwilling to either LEAD or be LED, then I believe we can virtually forget about taking part in [the next] new move of God.” (“Leaving Behind”)

Well, Andrew, will YOU submit to correction, discipline and teaching and being led or is your version of “leadership” yet another “untouchable” higher-archy where only those of your “inner-circle” can bring forth this correction, discipline, teaching and leadership you say is part of the New Testament? When will we, as the people of Christ, learn that this top-down authority structure belongs to the world and not to Christ?

Andrew, I exhort you: Read on if you really want to clear this issue off your plate in a truly godly way. Read on and find out what your distortive paradigm really is. And I challenge you: You can simply erase all the postings (on your site, anyway) that point out your sin, you can dismiss me and all those saying the same things as harsh, ugly, critical clanging cymbals, and you can pretend that what you are doing is of God and you can continue on as a clandestine (inside-out) rebel as you become the next establishment Nicolaitan overlord, just like all the other movements of men that have gone before. The choice is yours.

Actually, those of us who are submitted to the Lord, He being our Father and Leader, are quite willing to walk behind anyone who clearly demonstrates that he’s ahead of us on the path that leads to life. You have failed to demonstrate that with this rejection of the out of church “revolution.” But know that we will always balk and refuse to come under a counterfeit version of “Chrisitianity” that really just brings us back under the power of the spirits of false religion.

Andrew wrote:

“United together we are very powerful – for God designed us to be a ‘Body.’ Split apart into ‘individualists,’ we are weak and ineffective.” (“Leaving Behind”)

If that unity is in the Spirit of Christ, then, yes, we will accomplish many things of eternal value. If the unity is only a unity of like-minded men (which I believe is all that Andrew has seen in the “out-of-church” movement), we may change human history but in eternity our works will be (at best) mere wood, hay or stubble ( 1 Cor. 3:12-15 ) or (worst) mere lawlessness ( Mt. 7:23; top ) that completely disqualifies us from our inheritance.

And if Andrew had chosen to preach against the rampant individualism (which is very different than each individual simply trying to be the individual body part God made him or her to be) that is destroying the body of Christ (both in and out of the “church”), his message would not be as confusing as his withdrawal from the “out-of-church” movement message is.

In another version of this withdrawal letter, Andrew writes,

What do I mean when I say that so many are judging by “outward form and structure,” instead of by the “heart”? -I mean exactly that. Let me give you an example: Let’s say that there is an inner-city church with a “SENIOR PASTOR” that meets in a CHURCH BUILDING on SUNDAY MORNINGS - with “PROGRAMS” and all kinds of things. Shock! Horror! The very essence of “Babylon,” right? But hang on a minute. Let’s say this same group feeds the homeless every week, and preaches a piercing “repentance” gospel and prays and prays for the lost. (“Letter to Out of Church Christians”)

Okay, so the rule is, so long as we’re doing something for God, Babylonian idolatry is acceptable to God? What part of “come out from among them” do we not understand? And why do we not understand the difference between “for” God and “of” God? The JWs do this religious zeal thing too. They have a great door-to-door witnessing/discipleship campaign going. Only problem is they have a different gospel and a different Jesus! Whoops! But hey, they do have great zeal, great knowledge of the Bible (their version anyway), great willingness to set aside their own agendas and go witnessing, they build homes and “Kingdom Halls” for each other - things which also leaves both the “home church movement” and the “out of church movement” dead in the dust. Shall we join the JWs just because they have found a way to do something for their idea of God, something they do in the power of their soul, their flesh and even the power of the demonic? Go join them (the JWs or the “church” - it’s pretty much the same thing) if you will - this author will still continue to stand away from and stand up against such heresy and error!

Andrew wrote,

Right now I look and I see the Harvest fields of America white unto harvest. I listen and I hear the youth of the cities crying to us for Truth. I raise my finger in the air and find that the wind has changed and a new season has begun. And then I look into the living rooms of the called-out ones and see them sitting on their fat rear-ends in their houses - WAITING FOR GOD TO DO SOMETHING. And all the while He is WAITING FOR US... The time has come to stand and fight, to “let those that have wives act as though they had none.” -To stand and do battle for the lost of this land before the summer is past and the harvest is ended. Do not let God find you “fiddling while Rome burns,” my friends. Someone has rightly said that if the apostles had not ACTED, then there would be no “Acts of the Apostles.” The time has truly come to ACT - and that with urgency. (“Letter”)

It does no good to bring in a harvest when the food processing plant is not ready to handle the harvested produce. The Lord has said, “I am not concerned with large numbers. I am concerned with men who have a heart like unto My heart. Men like David. Men who have a passion for My Body. I am not talking about bringing in to the Body new souls, but the maturing of those already in My Body. My desire is to prepare My Body to receive those whom I shall save. I do not want to bring babes into a Body that is out of order and have a larger Body that is out of order.” (Prophetic word given through Jim Casey, Aug. 8, 1994)

Andrew is getting in a hurry here. This is not the patience of the Spirit of Christ. God has been done since before the foundation of the world. Be diligent to enter into God’s rest and you will do the perfect works of the Father. Strive along with Andrew in this leadership movement of his and you will see disorder and evil of every sort.

This anxious fretfulness to evangelize/harvest the world “right now” is also part of the Revivalist movement/mentality. Frank Viola rightly pointed out that the apostles were in no hurry. Frank wrote,

“With the founding of the Student Volunteer Movement by John Mott in 1888, a related idea sprang forth: ‘The evangelization of the world in one generation.’ The ‘in one generation’ watchword still lives and breathes today in the modern church. Yet it does not map well with the mindset of the first-century Christians. {Note: The apostles stayed in Jerusalem for many years before they ‘went into the utter most parts of the earth’ as Jesus predicted. They were in no hurry to evangelize the world. Equally, the church in Jerusalem did not evangelize anyone for the first eight years of its life. They too were in no hurry to evangelize the world. Finally, there is not the faintest whisper in any of the NT epistles where an apostle tells a church to evangelize because ‘the hour is late and the days are few.’ The early Christians were in no hurry to evangelize the world.”} (Frank Viola, Pagan Christianity, “The Order of Worship,” p. 63)

This impatience is not a fruit of the Spirit. No one truly following God’s Spirit advocates do “nothing.” But this “look busy, Jesus is coming” mentality is a deception in its own right. God will do His work and we must be obedient, but striving to “get the harvest in” is the world’s way to do the work, not God’s. God is not going to be surprised when the end of the world as we know it gets here.

Andrew is rightly criticizing those who are truly “stuck in their living rooms on their fat rear ends” who do not do whatever God has placed before them to do. Maybe they’re glued to the television or they’re logged onto Andrew’s blogsite.

Andrew writes:

So many are MORE arrogant, MORE argumentative, MORE self-righteous, MORE 'judging' of things that don't matter, MORE smug and self-satisfied than they even were in church. And they are also LESS unified, LESS trusting, LESS able to be part of a 'Body.' (“Letter”)
So why does Andrew let them contend, feud and argue endlessly on his blogsite? Why does he not begin to practice Mt. 18:15-17 on the blogsite? Let it be a place to “practice” body life as a step toward real, face-to-face body life instead of a place to practice one’s contentiousness and demonstrate one’s Biblical prowess and “superiority.” Andrew complains about a very real problem but does nothing to correct it in his own virtual backyard.

Andrew wrote:

“And in the Book of Acts, they united under ‘LEADERS.’ It was ‘LEADERS’ that were the glue that God used to keep the whole thing together. This has simply always been His way.” (“Leaving Behind”)

Here is where Andrew departs from the Biblical and historical record the most. It is the erroneous teachings of Ignatius of Antioch (martyred c. 107 AD) that are the first recorded teachings of Nicolaitanism. It is the following of human leaders at the expense of personally and corporately following Christ that has diverted us from the original gospel!

Ignatius of Antioch (whose “humble” surname was “the God-bearer”) wrote, “Whoever is within the sanctuary is pure; but he who is outside the sanctuary is not pure; that is, he who does anything without bishop and presbytery and deacon, is not pure in conscience.” (Epistle to the Trallians, c. 7, as quoted by Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, Vol. II, pp. 126)

Andrew wrote, “Why do a lot of us rub leaders up the wrong way? -Because we are full of REBELLION - that's why. How do I know? -Because in the "Out of church" scene I was full of Rebellion myself. Rejection, hurt and bitterness are absolutely EPIDEMIC in this movement.” (“Letter”)

So, we’re supposed to go back to one of those “churches” where we got hurt and rejected in the first place? Only if God specifically and personally directs us to do so - just as He specifically and personally led Jesus to sacrifice His life on the cross. I personally see no reason to go the place of the dead to seek the living - I can find the living, serving body of Christ without stepping into the prison of darkness called “church.”

And you may notice that Jesus tended to rub the hypocritical, deceived and deceiving leaders “up the wrong way” too. Those who stand in front of the door to heaven without going in themselves and simultaneously preventing others from entering have earned a stiff rebuke!

But Andrew is over-reacting to his own streak of darkness in this regard. Because Andrew was rebellious, everyone in the out-of-“church” movement is rebellious. Many in the out-of-“church” movement are rebellious - and those that are this way need to be taught to forsake that rebellion. But that doesn’t describe everyone who has left the “church.” Just because we’re not going to bow down to another man-made religious authority structure does not mean we’re in rebellion against God. The three Hebrew boys refused to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s idol and were preserved through the fire with the Son of God just as surely as the earth swallowed up Korah and his rebel followers. The only difference is who is being bowed down to here!

The first century followers of Christ were never under leaders – they were over them as the leaders were the foundation upon which they were built! ( Eph. 2:20; top ) In the work, they were side-by-side - with the leaders giving correction, clarification and insight as their maturity and relationship and understanding from Christ enabled them! (Much like what you see here in this writing.)

The leaders were not what held the whole thing together – Christ ( Col. 1:17 ) and His Spirit ( Eph. 4:3 ) is what kept the whole thing together. The body grows stronger when every part – not just the leaders - does its share. ( Eph. 4:16 ) The whole point of leadership is to equip the saints to do the work! ( Eph. 4:12; top ) Putting the emphasis on a few gifted leaders has never been God’s way to do the work of His kingdom of light! That has always been Satan’s way to deceive, dilute and control the people of Christ. Make no mistake here – Andrew is advocating for yet another form of Nicolaitan deception.

One reviewer of Andrew’s book “The Out of Church Christians” summarized Andrew’s views rather well:

“Strom believes that God is calling many people away from the church and ‘into the wilderness’ for a time to prepare their hearts to lead a coming reformation and massive global revival where God will restore mainstream Christianity back to its Apostolic roots and purity of doctrine.” (“Out-of-Church Christians,” Kent Curry, editor)

Andrew’s vision that God will restore mainstream Christianity back to its Apostolic roots and purity of doctrine is misguided. The “church,” mainstream Christianity, is the great falling away that involves “many” and “most.” (see Mt. 24:5 , 10-12 , etc.; top) The remnant being called out of the wilderness to then go on to be the bride of Christ is not going to go back to being the whore. Call that judgmental, harsh and unloving all you will - that’s the accusations always made against people who refuse to participate in man-made religious movements.

Another brother has written of “the wilderness experience.” Doing a much better job of pointing us in the right direction, he writes:

It is essential that we never forget that God has no “lone rangers” in His church. Always we must be aware that the Body of Christ is made up of many members, and we must allow God to join us to others. We no longer join something, but simply discover those to whom God decides to join us.

God, in His own time, will join us to others, and we must be patient and allow Him to do this without trying to help Him. We are “living stones” and Jesus is the architect and builder of His church. We are not the builders, but the material with which He builds. We must simply be willing and obedient to Him.

His church is a family. It bears no resemblance to the churches, structures and organizations that we have created. The church that Jesus is building is not an organization, but a living organism, a beautiful woman, “clothed in fine linen, bright and clean - the Bride of Christ.”

The unresisted reign of Jesus Christ in our individual hearts creates tangible unity in the Spirit. We need nothing to bind us together, because we know each other by the inner revelation of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit within us creates the loving spiritual relationship which is all that is necessary for us to enjoy fellowship with the Lord and each other. Nothing more than being led by the Spirit is needed for the Body of Christ to function, and for its members to relate to one another.

When self is dethroned and our King is enthroned in the hearts of any two believers, they enjoy a perfect, peaceful, joyful relationship. There can be no discord or division, BECAUSE THE KINGDOM OF GOD HAS COME. (Peter Whyte, Come Out of Her My People, “The Wilderness Experience”)

“Nothing more than being led by the Spirit is needed for the Body of Christ to function...when self is dethroned and our King is enthroned in the hearts...” Here is the real issue. Self is not dethroned and King Jesus is still not enthroned in the hearts. The issue is not in or out of “church.” Those truly led by the Spirit of God have pretty much left the “church” behind. The people who are out of the “church” and trying to live out a kind of “body-less” Christianity (those whom Andrew is complaining about) are not led by the Spirit of Christ but by some other spirit. (see 2 Cor. 11:3-4; top ) But then again, so too is Andrew being driven/manipulated by another agenda and spirit. He is striving for this “Revival” (a concept not found in the New Testament, in spite of all the books Andrew read on the subject in his early days in churchianity) according to Andrew’s own notions and Andrew is frustrated because the Lord isn’t doing things the way Andrew thinks they should be done.

Andrew’s vision of the body is simply inadequate, still tainted and controlled by the “church” paradigm. The English word “church” is part of the deception as it has accumulated a great deal of baggage that was never intended in the original gospel. The original Greek word is “ekklesia” and for the sake of clarity, let’s return to that original word from the original gospel.

So, what exactly is the ekklesia? Another word-picture used to label and name the ekklesia is the body of Christ. ( 1 Cor. 12:27 ) The human body that houses a single soul and spirit is said to be fearfully and wonderfully made. ( Psa. 139:14; top ) How much more wonderful and complex is the spiritual body, the ekklesia, that encompasses all those who truly belong to Christ!

Another word-picture used is the bride of Christ. The ekklesia is Christ’s woman. The human female is a delightful piece of work. She cries when she stubs her toe but she will go nose-to-nose with overwhelming odds to save her child. She’s a sweetheart, a bitch, a nag, a lover, nice, submissive, strong, weak, hard, defiant, emotional, soft, nurturing and caring – sometimes all at the same time! That’s one complex piece of hardware!!! And it’s a picture of the people of Christ!

Nicolaitanism says that the leader stands in a place similar to the authority and position of Moses. God speaks to Moses (only) and strikes foolish murmurers like Miriam and Aaron with leprosy for a few days or opens the earth to swallow up Korah and his followers when they rebel against Moses. In exchange, Moses faithfully (at least that’s the theory) passes on to the people what he’s heard from God.

The first flaw of this teaching (that is now deeply embedded to one extent or another in nearly every Christian’s thinking – anyone see a demonic conspiracy in that simple fact?) is that it propels young men into roles that not even genuine elders (older men seasoned in the faith – see 1 Tim. 3:1-7 ; Tit. 1:5-9 - not power-hungry business tycoons holding offices in back rooms and ivory towers) should step into. Thus many boys barely in their prime, though they were eager to preach the gospel, have gone out to distant lands and taken on distorted roles of leadership and were all too soon taken captive by Satan. (see 1 Tim. 3:6-7; top ) Within 25 years, nearly every move of God has been perverted as its new leaders were turned into greedy, power-mongering, paranoid, confused, controlling tyrants and despots or rule-serving, structure-loving bureaucrats. The fruit is in the church history books to see for those who have the heart of the Lord for His people. Since we have no idea what kind of leaders Andrew is advocating for – and it indeed sounds like he’s saying “Go back to ‘church’” - how are we to know what he is calling upon us to “enter into.”

The second flaw in Nicolaitanism is that it presents an overly simplistic view of the body of Christ. The theory of top-down leadership – which looks just like any other worldly business structure – can be diagramed in a simple pyramid (not exactly a Scriptural symbol, by the way). The human body and the essence of a woman – the pictures the New Testament uses for the people of Christ – defy such diagramming.

The real people of Christ is apostles, prophets, heralds, shepherds and instructors. ( Eph. 4:11; top ) She is elders, deacons, orphans, widows, the poor, the least, the foolish, the weary. She is every body part being the body part God made them to be (not being “in church” every time the doors are open nor allowing the “leadership” to do the work for them – Eph. 4:16 ; 1 Cor. 12:14-21 ). She is the fellowship (unity, commonality) of those who walk in the light as He is in the light. ( 1 Jn. 1:7; top ) The strong, the proud (arrogant), the mighty, the eloquent, the infallible (especially in their own eyes) more often belong to the world, not to the Lord. The bride of Christ lives by serving and speaking in power, not just by being “led” and “fed” by immature men who know not exactly what God is really saying.

On a much more personal level, Andrew writes:

“I believe that my calling as a Revivalist is to restore and preach the original gospel – that is the major call on my life.”

Here may be Andrew’s greatest source of confusion. He claims a gifting/calling that has no place in the leadership of the body! Now, if he really wants to preach the original gospel and truly lead in the body of Christ, he’d better jettison this understanding of God’s “main call” on his life!

But we must also recognize that the original gospel includes (among the other equally important facets of it) the concept of the truly local assembly (ekklesia). Any “gospel” that tolerates or embraces, first, the divisiveness of the denominational sect “churches” and, second, the deception of accepting such abomination as a genuine expression of Christ, is not the original gospel but is a false “gospel.” (see Gal. 1:8-9; top ) If my Christian neighbor and I are not able to live and fellowship and labor together in the unity of the Spirit of Christ, then he or I or both of us have something wrong in our relationship with Christ and he or I or both of us are only practicing lawlessness, doing what is right in our own eyes. It is that simple.

There are many things included in modern “Christian” practices that have absolutely no place in the original gospel – Nicolaitian leadership is only one of them. We must take great care that Andrew’s call for us all to “enter in” does not cause us to enter back into lies, deceptions and distortions that got us away from the original gospel in the first place.

Andrew writes,

I am a Christian speaker who holds meetings and speaks in churches, but I am also someone who has spent seven years completely "out of church" - in the wilderness, up until 1993. (The Out of Church Christians, “My Own ‘Wilderness’ Experience”)

The “wilderness” is much, much more than coming out of the “church” and not having speaking engagements in “churches”! It is also forsaking the world and all the deceptions of the demonic (of which “church” is only one). I have seen Andrew struggling with issues regarding mammon (another worldly deception) on his website. We can now see his bondage to Nicolaitanism (another demonic/worldly deception). From my perspective, I suspect Andrew did not go far enough into the “wilderness” nor stay in it long enough nor pass all of the tests of the wilderness.

Andrew asks:

“Do I have sympathy for those who search and search, yet cannot find a church that is Biblically sound?” (“Leaving Behind”)

And says:

“Do we ourselves belong to a local church” – YES WE DO.” (“Leaving Behind”)

And let us return to Andrew’s original complaints:

“[The Out-of-Church Movement] does not transition into real New Testament ‘Body Life.’” (“Leaving Behind”)

For those of us who left the “church” for the right reason (to obey God’s call to come out from among the Christian idolaters – 2 Cor. 6:16-17 ; 1 Cor. 5:11 - in the context of whatever form of “church” idolatry we encountered) and who have done their time in the wilderness (or who are still enduring their time in the wilderness or who are yet intermittently drawn off into the wilderness for short periods) and who have heard the voice of God leading us on, we are looking for the genuine corporate Christ. The hard part is finding those who are also completely intent on finding only Him, His mind, His will, His heart, as this is the time of rampant lawlessness when the love of most will grow cold. ( Mt. 24:12; top ) Finding compromised “Christians” is easy – even among those who have left the “church.”

“It does not lead to Revival.” (“Leaving Behind”)

Revival is not a concept to be found anywhere in the New Testament. (So much for preaching that “original” gospel!) Revival is a pretty word we like to use to cover up the truth. And the truth we cover over is that the people who need revived are dead! And no one seems to have any problem with that fact! People who once were enlightened, who have tasted of the heavenly gift of grace, who have partaken of the Holy Spirit and the good word of God and of the resurrection power to come are now dead! And some (like Andrew) feel it is their main calling from God in life to restore them to life! The Bible says that such a thing is impossible ( Heb. 6:4-6; top ) but it’s good “church” business nonetheless. And it is one of the deceptive driving agendas behind Andrew Strom.

“It does not transform the church.” (“Leaving Behind”)

Transform the “church”? Nothing is going to transform the harlot/whore into the bride of Christ! Not even God is interested in doing that! And who would want a nasty whore to marry his son – especially when the Son we’re discussing is the noble and mighty Christ who conquered sin and death (where we could not even hope for such a miraculous thing!), the One who always pleased His Father in all that He said and did! It is a mighty act of love that Christ went to the cross and made a way for sinners to repent and be cleansed. Expecting self-righteous, blind and deceived hypocrites led by Nicolaitan overlords to also enter into that Way is to again change the original gospel!

We simply must forsake the counterfeit if we are to be transformed into the bride of Christ. There is no other way to “enter into” the genuine if we are still lugging around something of the counterfeit. (see Mt. 22:12; top ) No “church” can be Biblically sound – a Bible-believing “church” is a contradiction in terms! From the “church” building to the Nicolaitan leadership to the silencing (not to mention the exploitation, mutilation and slaughter) of the lambs, “church” is the scheme of the devil meant to keep the people of Christ from attaining, both individually and corporately, to a purer expression of the high calling of Christ.

Only when we as the people of Christ are truly right with God in all our ways (and our culture and the demonic behind it have tainted our lives more than most know or will admit to) and we then find and work with our neighbor Christians (who have also purified themselves) to accomplish whatever God has set before us to do, will we actually and actively be the ekklesia (the people of Christ called out of the darkness of this world to attend to His kingdom of light).

Andrew’s ability to know the truth is compromised by his mistaken beliefs (about Christ-given leadership, his own personal calling and what truly constitutes the body of Christ in a given locale). He cannot continue to embrace out-of-“church” believers because he himself has not truly left the “church”! If Andrew’s vision of leadership is instituted under these deceptions, it will be mere wood, hay and stubble, perhaps even lawlessness. And those who follow Andrew’s vision may find themselves wrongfully believing themselves to be in “the Promised Land” when in fact they are still locked up in yet another demonically constructed, humanly staffed prison of darkness. But it will certainly not be the next new move of God!

The popularity of Andrew’s website and teaching is due, in part, to the fact that the demonic does not resist Andrew’s message. There is enough deception interlaced into the very fabric of Andrew’s life that any who follows what he is saying will come under their influence. Andrew’s leadership message is an old deception brought into the present day context.

The next new move of God will be a completion of the revolution – not a drawing back (see Heb. 10:38-39 ) from the work God has started. That is, we must complete the turn (revolution) from all idolatry and idolaters who name the name of Christ ( 2 Cor. 6:16-7:1 ; 1 Cor. 5:11; top ) and complete the turn (revolution) toward God in Christ Jesus. Only those who abide in Christ, both individually and corporately, will be participants in the next new move of God. Do not be deceived into partaking of the next new counterfeit!

Let he who has ears hear

I’d love to hear comments and/or questions from you! Email me!

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