How Jesus Dealt With Each Type

Lords of Darkness

Neil Girrard

Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Gen. 3:1 π Gen. 3:4-5 π Mt. 4:1-11 π Eph. 6:17 π Rev. 12:11

Much study has been devoted to Jesusí encounter with the devil ( Mt. 4:1-11 ), the roaring male lion himself. And indeed, there is much there that anyone who contends with the devil should be aware of if he intends to survive, spiritually if not physically, the encounter. Jesusí reliance on the word of God was His primary weapon. And when Satan began misappropriating and mis-applying Godís words as he had done with Eve ( Gen. 3:1 , 4-5; top ), Jesus, by way of the revelation given Him by the Spirit of God, rightly divided the word of truth and avoided the snares of the devil. This is why Paul refers to the word of God as the sword of the Spirit. ( Eph. 6:17; top ) Anybody - even Satan or anyone under the sway of the demonic - can quote Scripture at you. But only the Holy Spirit of truth can bring you the revelation that enables you to rightly divide between truth and deception.

Yes, there are things we could examine more closely in that encounter but, in our time, most people are not even being successful in surviving their encounters with the devilís pride. By the time most believers meet the devil nowadays, they are already laid out as his next meal. Unless one has been singled out as the Son of God - and no one else ever will be Godís Firstborn! - it is only after one successfully overcomes Satanís cadre of assistants that he need be concerned about encountering their master. While it remains true that the assistants are easily capable of rendering the believer dead, what need is there for the devil to do more than walk around, roar and show up for lunch? Let us first learn how to overcome Satanís assistants because what we learn there will aid us in overcoming their master in due time. (see Rev. 12:11; top ) For now, let us look more carefully at how Jesus dealt with these four types of Satanic beings so that we may become more proficient in our wrestlings against their schemes.

Four Kinds of Enemies π Principalities
Lords of Darkness

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