The Gospel of the Kingdom

For Those With Ears to Hear

Neil Girrard
Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of God, but it was the Church that came.

Entire Book in Adobe/pdf version

This book is a work in progress. At this time (Jan. 2016), we have edited and refined the book to what is likely to be the final presentation. The chapters are still posted as Adobe/pdf files. If you encounter a 404 (Page Not Found) Error, it is most likely the chapter has not yet been posted online or weve screwed up the link!

Table of Contents
(Adobe/pdf version)
    Section I: The Big Picture
  1. Kingdom Now?
  2. Through the Looking Glass
  3. Why Do We Meet
  4. Simplicity in Christ
  5. Saints or Sinners
  6. The Standard of Perfection
  7. The Call for Unity
  8. Kingdom or Church
  9. Come Out From Among Them

  10. Section II: The King Is Here
  11. The Kingdom of God Is at Hand
  12. Presenting the King
  13. Opening Spiritual Ears
  14. The Voice of Strangers
  15. Strong Delusion
  16. The Right Answer
  17. A Picture of the Kingdom
  18. Friends of the King
  19. Enemies of the King

  20. Section III: Choosing Sides
  21. The Keys of the Kingdom
  22. The Message of the Kingdom
  23. The Eternal Gospel
  24. The Two Step Gospel
  25. The Test of Obedience
  26. Who Is My Neighbor?
  27. In the Way
  28. The True Tabernacle
  29. What Do You Seek?

  30. Section IV: Pressing On
  31. Provision, Power and Presumption
  32. Whose Kingdom Is It Anyway?
  33. Pressing Into the Kingdom
  34. The Kingdom Is the Key
  35. Still Close at Hand
  36. Ephesians: Pauls Time Capsule
  37. Follow Me
  38. Furthering the Kingdom
  39. Triumphant Overcoming

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