The Latent Power of the Soul

Watchman Nee
1. The Latent Power of the Soul gives insights into the real source of many miracles and the "unexplainable mysteries" of parapsychology. Also, great warnings for today's ekklesia!
2. The Christian and Psychic Force gives more insight into the difference between soul and spirit in the life of the believer.
3. Spirit Force vs. Psychic Force contains a message today's church needs to hear. Watchman Nee, writing in 1933, addressed squarely issues that are of paramount importance in recognizing the truth about such things as the holy laughter movement, the mega-"church" movement and evangelistic crusades. It is a message of prime importance for the elect who do not want to be deceived by the signs and wonders and soulish activities of the last days.

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God bless you.

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