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The great Chinese writer and preacher Watchman Nee was for many in the West a symbol of Christian steadfastness under the pressure of totalitarian government. From the day in 1920 when, as a college student, he found the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior during the visit of a Chinese evangelist to his native city of Foochow, Nee To-sheng gave himself without reserve to God for work among his own people. Over the years he became widely known in China as a gifted preacher of the Gospel and an original expositor of the Word, whose ministry bore remarkable fruit in individuals and in many groups of spiritually virile Christians.

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The Body of Christ: A Reality. The body of Christ is not just a nice doctrine or teaching - it is a necessary reality. It is our sole option to practice the reality or to quench and ultimately abandon the Spirit who gives us new life from above.

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The Normal Christian Church Life. In his own words, Nee prefaces this book: "To do the book justice, the reader is asked to finish reading it before passing judgment. The book is not intended for anyone and everyone. It is for those who feel their responsibility in the Lord's service. But more than this, it is for such as honestly and truly mean business for God, for those whose hearts are open, who have no padlocked mind or prejudices. The book may test one's sincerity and honesty to no small degree, but I believe the Lord has shown something which is of importance to the whole body of Christ. One of the prayers I have offered in connection with this book is that the Lord should keep it from those who oppose and would use it as a chart for attack and also from those who agree and would use it as a manual for service. I dread the latter far more than the former."

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The Character of God's Workman is a book that truly follows on the heels of "The Normal Christian Life" and "The Release of the Spirit" - both of which have recently had quite an impact on my life. But since I can't put everything on the web, I'm putting in the chapters as God is working on them in me. Enjoy!

The Latent Power of the Soul is a book that is an addendum to his three volume set, "The Spiritual Man." This book contains a message today's church needs to hear. Watchman Nee, writing in 1933, addressed squarely issues that are of paramount importance in recognizing the truth about such things as the holy laughter movement, the mega-"church" movement and evangelistic crusades. It is a message for the elect who do not want to be deceived by the signs and wonders and soulish activities of the last days.

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The Normal Christian Life is perhaps Watchman Nee's most well-known book. It is a highly valuable resource for any believer who wants to examine, in depth, the foundational truths of our salvation.

The Release of the Spirit is an important milestone in any believer's life who wants to walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh.

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