2.12 Varied Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Through Persons


Chapter 2: The Satanic Confederacy of Wicked Spirits

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Mt. 9:32 π Mk. 1:24 π Mk. 9:20-22 π Mk. 9:21 π Mk. 9:25 π Lk. 8:27 π Lk. 13:11

Their manifestations through the persons in whom they obtain footing, are varied in character, according to the degree and kind of ground they secure for possession. In one Biblical case the only manifestation of the evil spirit's presence was dumbness ( Mt. 9:32 ); the spirit possibly locating in the vocal organs; in another, the person held by the spirit was "deaf and dumb" ( Mk. 9:25 ), and the symptoms included foaming at the mouth, grinding the teeth - all connected with the head - but the hold of the spirit was of such long standing (v. 21 ) that he could throw his victim down, and convulse the whole body. ( Mk. 9:20-22; top )

In other cases we find merely an "unclean spirit" in a man in a "synagogue," probably so hidden that none would know the man was thus possessed, until the spirit cried out with fear when he saw Christ, saying, "Art Thou come to destroy us?" ( Mk. 1:24 ); or a "spirit of infirmity" ( Lk. 13:11; top ) in a woman of whom it might be said that she simply required "healing" of some disease, or that she was always tired, and only needed "rest," as some would say in the language of the twentieth century.

Again, we find a very advanced case in the man with the "legion," showing that the evil spirits' possession reached such a climax, as to make the person appear insane; for his own personality was so mastered by the malignant spirits in possession, as to cause him to lose all sense of decency, and self-control in the presence of others. ( Lk. 8:27; top ) The unity of purpose in the spirits of evil to carry out the will of their prince, is especially shown in this case, as with one accord they besought to be allowed to enter the swine, and with one accord they rushed the whole herd into the sea.

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