3.16 The Dangers of Coined Phrases to Express Spiritual Truths


Chapter 3. Deception by Evil Spirits in Modern Times

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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1 Cor. 2:16 π Gal. 2:11-16 π Gal. 2:20 π Phlp. 2:13

Other dangers centre around the coining of phrases to describe some special experience, and words in familiar use amongst earnest children of God who attend Conventions; such as "possess," "control," "surrender," "let go," all containing truth in relation to God, but in the interpretation of them in the minds of many believers, liable to bring about conditions for the evil spirits of Satan to "possess" and "control" those who "surrender," and "let go" to the powers of the spiritual world, not knowing how to discern between the working of God and Satan.

Various preconceptions of the way God works, also give evil spirits their opportunity; such as, that when a believer is supernaturally compelled to act, it is a special evidence that God is guiding him, or that if God brings all things to our "remembrance" we need not use our memories at all.

Other thoughts which are liable to bring about the passive condition, which evil spirits need for their deceptive workings, may also be through the following misconceptions of truth:

  1. "Christ lives in me," i.e., I do not live now at all;

  2. "Christ lives in me," i.e., I have lost my personality, because Christ is now personally in me, based on Gal. 2:20; top .

  3. "God worketh in me," i.e., I need not work, only surrender and obey, based on Phlp. 2:13; top .

  4. "God wills instead of me," i.e., I must not use my will at all;

  5. "God is the only one to judge," i.e., I must not use my judgment.

  6. "I have the mind of Christ," I must not have any mind of my own, based on 1 Cor. 2:16; top .

  7. "God speaks to me," so I must not "think" or "reason," only "obey" what He tells me to do.

  8. "I wait on God," and "I must not act until He moves me."

  9. "God reveals His will to me by visions," so I do not need to decide, and use my reason and conscience.

  10. "I am crucified with Christ," therefore "I am dead," and must "practice" death, which I conceive to be passivity of feeling, thinking, etc.

To carry out in practice these various conceptions of truth, the believer quenches all personal action of mind, judgment, reason, will and activity, for the "Divine life to flow," through him, whereas God needs the fullest liberation of the faculties of the man, and his active and intelligent co-operation in will, for the working out of all these spiritual truths in experience.

The following table will show some other misinterpretations of truth, which need clarifying in the minds of many children of God:

1. "The Blood of Jesus cleanseth..." Cleanses moment by moment. Leaves the man sinless.
2. "It is not ye that speak..." The source is not from the believer. The man must not speak nor use his jaws, but be passive.
3. "Ask and ye shall receive." Ask according to God's Will and you will receive. Ask anything, and you will receive.
4. "It is God that worketh in you to will and to do..." The man must "will" and must act. God wills for you (or instead of you) and God works instead of you.
5. "Ye need not that any man teach you." You do not need any man to teach you, but you need Spirit-taught teachers given of God. I must not take teaching from any man, but "direct" from God...
6. "He will guide you into all truth..." The Spirit of God will guide, but I must see how and when... guided me into all truth . . .
7. "A people for His own possession..." God's ownership. "Possessed" by God indwelling, moving and controlling a passive automation.
8. "Meet for the Master's use..." God, in the man's spirit, using the mind, in the sense of giving light for the believer's intelligent co-operation. "Used" by God as a passive tool, requiring blind submission.

What, then, is the condition of safety from the deception of evil spirits?

) Knowledge that they exist;

2) that they can deceive the most honest believers ( Gal. 2:11-16; top );

3) an understanding of the conditions and ground necessary for their working, so as to give them no place, and no opportunity of working; and, lastly,

4) intelligent knowledge of God, and how to co-operate with Him in the power of the Holy Spirit. To make these points clear will be our purpose in succeeding pages.

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