4.15 Manifestations of Influence of Evil Spirits Called Natural Idiosyncrasies


Chapter 4: Passivity the Chief Basis of Possession

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

But this truth about the working of evil spirits among believers, and the causes and symptoms of their power upon mind or body, has been so veiled in ignorance, that multitudes of children of God are held in bondage to their power without knowing it. The manifestations are generally taken as natural idiosyncrasies, or infirmities. The Lord's work is put on one side, or even never taken up, because the believer is "over strained," or else "without gifts" for doing it. He is "nervous," "timid," has no "gift of speech," no "power of thought," where the service of God is concerned; but in the social sphere these "deficiencies" are forgotten, and the "timid" ones shine out at their best. It does not occur to them to ask why it is that only in God's service are they thus incapable? But it is only in respect to such a service that the hidden workings of Satan interfere.

[4.14] The Spirit Sense Lost in Sensations of the Body
[4.16] The Shock When the Believer Apprehends the Truth
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