War On the Saints (unabridged edition)

Jesse Penn-Lewis

Chapter 4. Passivity the Chief Basis of Possession
Table of Contents
4.1 - The Meaning of "Possession" Defined
4.2 - The Word "Passivity" Describes Opposite Condition To Activity
4.3 - The Class of Believers Who Are Open to Passivity
4.4 - Three Classes Among Believers
4.5 - Passivity of the Will
4.6 - God Does Not Will Instead of Man
4.7 - Passivity of the Mind
4.8 - Passivity of Judgment and Reason
4.9 - Passivity of the Conscience
4.10 - Passivity of the Spirit
4.11 - Causes of Passivity of Spirit
4.12 - Passivity of the Body
4.13 - Passivity of the Whole Man
4.14 - The Spirit Sense Lost in Sensations of the Body
4.15 - Manifestations of Influence of Evil Spirits Called Natural Idiosyncrasies
4.16 - The Shock When the Believer Apprehends the Truth
4.17 - Passivity Occasioned by Wrong Interpretations of the Truth of "Death"
4.18 - Misconception of Self-Effacement
4.19 - Misconception of Truth Part of "Teachings" of Deceiving Spirits
4.20 - Passivity Caused by Wrong Acceptance of Suffering
4.21 - Marks of Suffering Caused by Evil Spirits
4.22 - Passivity Through Wrong Ideas of Humility
4.23 - Passivity Caused by Wrong Thought About Weakness
4.24 - Passivity With Satanic Activity
4.25 - Deliverance From Passivity
Chapter 3. Deception by Evil Spirits in Modern Times
Chapter 5. Deception and Possession
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