10.4 Difference Between "Temptation" and "Attacks"


Chapter 10: Victory in Conflict

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Mt. 12:24 π Mk. 3:21 π Lk. 4:29 π Jn. 10:20 π Heb. 2:18

There is also a difference between the "temptations" and "attacks" of the Tempter, as may again be seen in the life of Christ. "Temptation" is a scheme or a plot, or compulsion on the part of the Tempter to cause another to do evil, whether consciously or unconsciously; but an attack is an onslaught on the person, either in life, character, or circumstances, e.g., the devil made an onslaught on the Lord through the villagers, when they sought to hurl Him over the brow of the hill ( Lk. 4:29 ); when His family brought a charge of insanity against Him ( Mk. 3:21 ); and when He was charged with demon possession by His enemies. ( Jn. 10:20 ; Mt. 12:24; top )

Temptation, moreover, means suffering, as we see again in the life of Christ, for it is written, "He suffered being tempted" ( Heb. 2:18; top ), and believers must not think they will reach a period when they will not feel the suffering of temptation, as this is a wrong conception, which gives ground to the enemy for tormenting and attacking them without cause.

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