10.19 Possible Wrong Weapons


Chapter 10: Victory in Conflict

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

When there is ground, or the cause of the conflict or attack is in the believer himself, if he takes the attack as pure conflict, i.e., as part of warfare for the Church, he will fight with the wrong weapons, and not get through to victory until the true cause is discovered, and the ground given up, and refused. For what is thought to be an "attack" from outside, may be a symptom, or manifestation of an evil spirit inside, who has regained a footing unknown to the believer, or has remained in some hidden location, when thought to have wholly gone. When the believer, therefore, finds himself in conflict, he should at once question "Is there ground?" in the following three aspects of the evil spirit's workings:

1) In attacks. Is there ground, or is it purely an attack?

2) In conflict. Is there ground, or is it pure conflict?

3) In communication, (i.e., suggestions, thoughts, whisperings of the enemy). "Is there ground?" or is it purely from outside, as Satan communicated with Eve?

The believer should then declare his attitude in the three cases, as follows:

"I refuse all ground, and the cause or causes of it!"

The last word spoken, alters, ratifies, or nullifies previous ones; for instance, the believer may "refuse" in the present moment, what may be the product through evil spirits' workings of something he asked for in the past. He may say, "Although I asked for, believed in, and accepted such and such a thing in the past, I now refuse it." His present refusal nullifies his previous acceptance.

[10.18] Possible Fresh Ground
[10.20] The Value and Purpose of "Refusing"
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