10.20 The Value and Purpose of "Refusing"


Chapter 10: Victory in Conflict

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

THE PRINCIPLE EMBODIED IN REFUSING: It is essential that believers should understand the value of the act of refusal, and the expression of it. Briefly: REFUSAL IS THE OPPOSITE OF ACCEPTANCE. Evil spirits have gained by the believer giving them

1) ground,

2) right of way,

3) use of their faculties, etc.,

and they lose when this is all withdrawn from them. What was given to the enemy by misconception and ignorance, and given with the consent of the will, stands as ground for them to work on and through; until, by the same action of the will, the "giving" is revoked, specifically and generally. The will in the past was unknowingly put for evil, and it must now be put unceasingly against it.

Once understood, the principle is very simple. The choice of the will gives: the choice of the will withdraws or nullifies the previous giving. The value and purpose of refusing stands the same toward God and toward Satan. The man gives to God, or refuses to give. He takes from God, or refuses to take. He gives to evil spirits - unknowingly or not - and he refuses to give. He finds he has given to them unwittingly, and he nullifies it by an act of withdrawal and refusal.

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[10.21] The Relation of Fresh Ground Given, to the Victory in Conflict
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