10.21 The Relation of Fresh Ground Given, to the Victory in Conflict


Chapter 10: Victory in Conflict

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

The relation to the aggressive warfare of freshly discovered "ground" given to deceiving spirits, is, that every new ground, discovered as given to them, and refused, means a renewed liberation of the spirit, with an access of deepened enmity to the foe as his subtle deceptions are increasingly exposed, and consequently more war upon Satan and his minions. It means more deliverance from their power, and less footing for their possession, or ground in the believer as he realizes that "symptoms," "effects," and "manifestations" are not abstract "things," but revelations of active personal agencies against whom he must war persistently.

Moreover all growth in experimental knowledge means increased protection against the deceiving enemy. As new ground is revealed, and fresh truth about the powers of darkness, and the way of victory over them, is understood, the truth delivers from their deceptions, and hence protects the believer up to the extent of his knowledge, from further deception; and he finds in experience that directly the truth ceases to operate by the believer's active use of it, he is open to attack from the watching foe, who ceaselessly plans against him. For example, let the believer who has been undeceived and dispossessed cease to use the truth, of

1) the existence of evil spirits;

2) their persistent watching to deceive him again;

3) the need of perpetual resistance and fight against them;

4) the keeping of his spirit in purity and strength in co-operation with the Spirit of God; and other truths parallel with these

- the knowledge of which he has gained through so much suffering - he will sink down again into passivity, and possibly deeper depths of deception. For the Holy Spirit NEEDS THE BELIEVER'S USE OF TRUTH to work with in energizing and strengthening him for conflict and victory, and does not guard him from the enemy apart from his co-operation in watching and prayer.

[10.20] The Value and Purpose of "Refusing"
[10.22] Persistent Refusal of Ground to Evil Spirits
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