10.22 Persistent Refusal of Ground to Evil Spirits


Chapter 10: Victory in Conflict

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

The way to refuse, and what to refuse, is of primary importance in the hour of conflict. As we have seen, the believer needs to maintain an active attitude, and, when necessary, expression of refusal continually and persistently, this pre-supposing the man standing in faith upon the foundation of his identification in death with Christ at Calvary.

In the hour of conflict, lest there should have been new ground given to evil spirits unknowingly, by accepting something from them, or believing some lie they have said to the mind, the believer should refuse all the things whereby they may have gained a new footing; the conflict, or attack, immediately passing away or ceasing, directly the means by which the enemy has regained ground is dealt with.

The believer himself will know, from his past experience, most of the ways by which the deceiving spirits have hitherto gained advantage over him; and he will instinctively turn to the points of refusal which have been of the most service to him in his fight to freedom. The refusing in this way takes ground from them in many directions. The widest scope covered by the act and attitude of refusal, the more thoroughly is the believer separating himself, BY HIS CHOICE, from the deceiving spirits, who can only hold their ground by the consent of his will. By refusing all he once accepted from them he can become comparatively clear of ground to them, so far as his choice and attitude is concerned.

[10.21] The Relation of Fresh Ground Given, to the Victory in Conflict
[10.23] Refusal an Aggressive Weapon in Conflict
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