11.15 The Casting Out of Evil Spirits


Chapter 11: War upon the Powers of Darkness

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Prayer against evil spirits in others may have to be accompanied by the inaudible commanding of them to leave the person, or else in casting out the demon, or demons, directly and audibly. There are several conditions for doing this, which need careful and prayerful consideration, ere such a course is taken. The possessed person may first need

1) truth upon his condition, and the ground wherein the evil spirit has found lodgment. This requires knowledge and discernment on the part of the worker, and sometimes very exhaustive dealing with the possessed one;

2) the ground which has been discovered must be given up definitely and specifically by the victim, or the "casting out" may fail;

3) definite prayer to God for His will to be revealed concerning the whole matter, and how the Spirit of God would have it dealt with, is primarily necessary;

4) the authority of Christ needs to be specifically taken by the one called upon to deal with the man, and

5) wrestling prayer which reaches "fasting" may be needed if the case is a very difficult one.

The fasting which is of spiritual effect in such a case, means, that the one who is dealing with the possessed person, is brought into such a hand to hand conflict of spirit with the evil spirit, or spirits, in possession, that the sense of any bodily need ceases until the victory is won.

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[11.16] The True Fasting from Food in Conflict
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