War On the Saints (unabridged edition)

Jesse Penn-Lewis

Chapter 11. War Upon the Powers of Darkness

Table of Contents
11.1 - Aggressive And Defensive Warfare
11.2 - Some of the Results of the Undeceiving
11.3 - The Believer Finds He Is At War With All Hell
11.4 - The Use of Christ's Authority Over the Power of the Enemy
11.5 - The Authority of Christ Is Not Inherent in the Believer
11.6 - Degrees in the Results of Using the Authority of the Name
11.7 - Knowledge A Factor In Authority
11.8 - Evil Spirits Subject to the Believer Joined to the Living Christ
11.9 - Knowledge Needed For Effective Prayer
11.10 - The Angels' Ministration of War for the Saints
11.11 - Training in the War of Prayer
11.12 - The Defensive Warfare of Ephesians 6
11.13 - Prayer Against the Works of the Devil
11.14 - How Evil Spirits Cause Believers to Resist the Truth They Need
11.15 - The Casting Out of Evil Spirits
11.16 - The True Fasting from Food in Conflict
11.17 - The Voice in Casting Out
11.18 - Can Evil Spirits Be Transmitted
11.19 - The Gift of Discerning of Spirits
11.20 - Other Aspects of the Prayer Warfare
11.21 - Prayer and Action
11.22 - Prayer and Preaching
11.23 - Prayer as a Destroying Weapon
11.24 - Universal Prayer
Chapter 10. Victory in Conflict π Chapter 12. Revival Dawn and the Baptism of the Spirit
Table of Contents π Topical Index
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