11.24 Universal Prayer


Chapter 11: War upon the Powers of Darkness

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Mt. 21:21 π Mk. 11:23-25 π Jn. 14:13 π Rom. 8:26 π Col. 2:1 π Col. 4:12

If the prayer-warrior prays for the universal, without first having dealt with personal and local needs, the enemy will touch these smaller spheres, and thus by the force of personal and local attack, draw the believer down from the universal outlook. The order of prayer is therefore, first exhaustive prayer for all personal and local spheres, praying through these out to the wider range of the universal. Prayer not only exhaustive, but persistent. The believer needs for all this

1) strength to pray,

2) vision to pray,

3) knowledge of what to pray;

for there is a sequence in prayer which needs to be understood intelligently, and a work of prayer, demanding as much training and equipment as is needed for preaching.

The trained prayer-warrior knows something of all the various aspects of prayer, such as: The prayer of asking ( Jn. 14:13 ); the prayer of interceding ( Rom. 8:26 ); "saying" ( Mt. 21:21 ; Mk. 11:23-25 ) and burden prayer, which may be a burden in the spirit or on the mind. ( Col. 2:1 ; 4:12; top ) He knows that burdens of prayer may be conscious, but that he must not expect a conscious burden for every prayer, nor wait till he "feels moved to pray." He knows that to see a need for prayer is sufficient call for prayer, and if he waits for "feeling" that he can pray when he has vision to pray it is sin. He understands, too, in the sphere of the universal, the oneness of the whole Body of Christ, and that in that sphere of union, he can say "Amen" to the prayers of the whole Church, so far as they are of the Holy Spirit, in the will of God.

All this but touches the fringe of the war by prayer which could be waged upon the forces of darkness, for the deliverance of God's people, which is the true objective of Revival.

[11.23] Prayer as a Destroying Weapon
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