Psalm 106:13

King James Version

They soon forgat His works; they waited not for His counsel:
New King James Version

They soon forgot His works; they did not wait for His counsel.
New American Standard Bible

New International Version

NIV Text
The Amplified Bible

Amp. Text
Psa. 106:12 π Psa. 106:14
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  1. Balance; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Jesus is our balance.

  2. Heart Trouble; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Let us let Godís merciful, gentle, gracious, tender heart choose what is good for us. It will always be better than our hardened heartís desire.

  3. My Soul, You Wait Upon God!; From Tent To Temple - George Warnock The frustrations that we experience as we seek Him and wait for Him are a necessary part of His discipline in our lives as He seeks to quiet our spirit and bring forth the fruit of patience.
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