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To be saved means to be rescued from danger or death. Many today believe themselves to be saved when they are not while many others do not believe there are any eternal dangers to be rescued from.

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  1. An Acceptable Truth - Neil Girrard Many people won’t accept what the Bible says because they often have “difficulty” believing that the translators “got it right” or that what is written in today’s Bible is truly what the original authors actually penned.

  2. But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For - Neil Girrard A look at the longings of the heart.

  3. False Gods - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format - Printable Tract (in Adobe/pdf format) ) The Greek world of Paul’s day faced the same sort of idolatry that is endangering so many in Africa’s ebola outbreak.

  4. From “Once Upon a Time...” to “Happily Ever After”? - Neil Girrard A discussion of the “once saved, always saved” theory.

  5. Genuine Christians - Neil Girrard When Paul confronted the Judaizers, he also left us a perfect description of genuine believers in Christ.

  6. Have You Forgotten? - Neil Girrard Have we forgotten what the gospel of Jesus Christ is about?

  7. In Word, Or In Power; The Divine Conquest - A.W. Tozer An exceptionally accurate portrayal of the need for Christians to be truly saved - and what happens when men settle for powerless religion.

  8. Maturing in Christ: Advice to New - and Old - Believers - Neil Girrard The path to spiritual maturity is not just a walk up an aisle or even an overnight journey. There are many things we need to observe in our spiritual journey toward God to be certain we don’t get off the path that leads to life.

  9. My Testimony - Neil Girrard A brief telling of my long strange trip toward God.

  10. Opening Spiritual Ears - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) The ear that hears what God is saying is one of the most important things that accompany salvation. So why is this truth so often explained away or ridiculed?

  11. Salvation; Opening Spiritual Eyes - David L. Williams Our understanding of “salvation” might actually be hindering us from being saved!

  12. Salvation by Grace - How It Works - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) A modern-day parable about being truly saved.

  13. So You Think You’re a Christian; Neil Girrard What it means to be “saved.”

  14. Two Questions - Neil Girrard Two questions we really need to ask ourselves – and God!

  15. What About Those Lost Millions? - Neil Girrard Exposing some of the fallacies which keep people from coming to Christ.
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