Seek First the Kingdom of God (But Where Is It?)

David L. Williams
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I must first give an example so the main points of this writing may be understood to the depths needed; Anyone having been a Christian for a while has seen how hard it is to convince most unbelieving highly intelligent people that God is real, no matter the evidence. There is a reason for this and I will try to show that, along with how the same reason affects most Christian leaders.

There is a silent drive, especially in most intellectuals, from childhood on to be among the top of the pack. If their striving is successful, they will have silently joined an elite group of peers. Comfortable in this position, they maintain it. Since most of their peers are unbelievers, they easily slip into that acceptance, thus becoming atheists for reasons not even they understand. The hidden fear of peer rejection automatically shuns any subject, no matter the evidence that threatens their peer position. These decisions come from assumptions resulting from childhood red-faced shaming moments, more than from fresh consideration. This is how and why this shield exists.

In the same way and for the same reasons, this fear of peer rejection silently builds and inhabits most Christian leaders during and after seminary. They become part of an elite group, enjoying equality therein. They soon learn the acceptable boundaries of what to say and not to say, sensing, not really considering, that they may be frowned upon should they speak other than the expected norm.

Now, note this includes top theologians, who can teach only to the depths they had learned among their peers. Few among them know what God’s, “Deep calls unto deep” really means. ( Psa. 42:7; top )

Fresh Manna for These Last Days

***** I see two Bible verses that speak for today. (Both from KJ, NKJ.) Prov. 25:2 “…It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” Doesn’t Rev. 1:6 tell us we who are saved are kings? And in Last Days’ context; 2 Tim. 3:7 , “…always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (top) Today’s seminaries have built a box around themselves, keeping them from “searching out a matter.” (Any of them now reading this have already decided to dismiss it outright, assuming it does not describe them.) Their teaching is shallow, never daring to seek fresh available concealed revelation from the Word. They are unaware they fear rejection from peers, should they see or teach from outside their box. In this, they fear man more than they fear God. Let’s begin by showing some out of the box concealed matters they fear to explore before we get to the crux of this writing:

***** Sometimes parables have more and deeper meanings than the most obvious one. For example, the parable of the 10 virgins. ( Mt. 25:1-11 ) We see 5 prepared with oil for their lamps, and another 5 lacking enough oil for the night time path to the wedding. (“oil,” a symbol of Holy Spirit, Who brings all truth.) Human logic says for the lacking oil 5 to walk alongside the other 5, sharing the light. But note that was not offered there. That may tell us we are not to walk in another’s light. Do you seek light for yourself, or only from your pastor? Remember, the Israelites refused to personally walk close to God, choosing instead to walk in Moses’ light. They have floundered ever since. Another thought from that parable is; it may be showing us that only half the born-again Christians (virgins) will be ready for the rapture and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, leaving half behind. ( Mt. 25:11; top ) Just some manna for thought.

***** People often warn another to not judge them when they feel near being exposed and shamed. We need a fresh look at what “judging” another really means. Real judging has two components. The first is; assessing another. The second part is; applying either a penalty or reward resulting from the assessing. Jesus went around assessing everybody He met, but as the Word says, He came not to judge. We all, whether we are aware or not, assess everybody we meet and form an opinion about them. But if we apply neither penalty nor reward, we have not judged them. But! I we even wish or hope they get punished, then we have indeed judged another. We can feel free to assess everybody and even try to warn a brother when necessary. Only Jesus is now in the position of perfect judging.

However, we are shown by Paul that when people sin openly in the church, that includes consequences. This, so others don’t get the idea that it is acceptable to sin as a Christian.

***** We all have a secret personal guidance system within us. It is established in our early years, mostly just as we learned language. As we experienced learning right from wrong, we were at the same time trying to find ways to not look shameful to family and peers. A newborn baby has only instincts and is utterly selfish in its demands. We had no wisdom then, so later when dealing with no-no’s, refusals, punishment, scolding, and possibly abuse brought out our shame, we found that others did not consider us as significant as we then felt they should. No one likes the feeling of shame, so the child must find a way to avoid it, yet still get as much of its desires met as possible.

The child soon sees that all others also have faults and begins to justify himself within. This builds a shield against feeling shame, after all, “who are they to put me down?” They soon learn not to openly exhibit this defense to avoid retaliation. As one grows, the shield refines itself while remaining active. This refining is learning how to do what Adam and Eve tried to do in the Garden. Blame shifting. It self-justifies us in our own minds. Adam blamed God for bringing this woman, and Eve blamed the serpent for deceiving her. This blame shifting becomes an automatic sub-conscious satisfying shield against taking personal responsibility.

The self-justifying shield is consulted sub-consciously moment by moment all throughout the person’s life, ever about being able to express one’s self without appearing shameful. All we silently learned as unwisened children becomes settled, whether right or wrong. After that, all relationships and decision-makings pass through that filter and come out as assumptions, almost never again looked at afresh to check for error. It got us to this stage safely, “so why look for trouble?” But deeply hidden within are the settled “facts” that affect all future relationships and decisions. It becomes the adult personality we present to the world, not even realizing it was developed by the spirit of shame. (We will go much deeper in this.)

It makes us blind to the fact we only give our love conditionally, depending on what we get for ourselves, how we are treated. This is also why mates come to stalemates in arguments, as usually neither is willing to inspect one’s own shame again to see if there might be error there. If each learns not to go near the other’s shame, it can even look and feel like joyful love. Even so, hidden deep down in their hearts is an armed truce. Both learn to limit reactions to perhaps a raised eyebrow or slight voice inflection that really says, “You don’t touch my shame and I won’t touch yours.”

But if you will allow, God will take you back to the very moments wrong conclusions were made as a child, so Holy Spirit can then bring truth to your incorrect “facts.” It is very humbling to see your own truth, your hidden iniquity. More on this later in my testimony.

***** Speaking of assumptions, it seems most Bible teachers assume that “Rightly dividing the Word” ( 2 Tim. 2:15; top ) means, rightly “understanding,” the Word, but it doesn’t. Why didn’t it just simply say, “understanding,” if it meant that? Let’s see what needs dividing; In the New Testament, many things were said to both Jews and gentiles. Almost all that Jesus spoke was specifically to unsaved Jews still under the Law, much absolutely not meant for gentiles. The Church didn’t begin until Pentecost.

We must understand that Jesus was speaking mostly to a people who would continue existing under the Law, while Paul was speaking to a people who would be in a Heavenly Kingdom. Simply, Jews and Christians have different destinies, thus we must rightly divide for whom the words were meant, Jews, gentiles, or both. In doing so, you might then see clearly about tithing, pre, mid, or post Tribulation rapture, and much, much more.

***** Long ago, someone saw the similarity of a Christian’s walk on the Way, to the Israelites leaving Egypt (the world), crossing the wilderness (the path), then crossing the Jordan (baptism), to the Promised Land, etc.; This was classic “Type and Shadow,” the visible revealing the invisible. But they failed to go far enough, probably because of the SO OVERDONE command to “STAY IN CONTEXT!” Context has its place in Bible study, but if by that alone, it keeps one from seeing type and shadow, a very revealing description of the Christian’s walk on the path to the “City Made Without Hands,” our “promised land within.” It is the path across the wilderness that describes the battles with enemies that must be slain on the Way. This is the WAY! The REAL WAY!

This likens to our childhood establishing our adult personality, and how many of our iniquitous defenses against shame need to be torn down, destroyed. We will find our own likeness to “giants” in our soul, our promised land. Note in KJ, NKJ Luke 17:23; top , Jesus reveals the Kingdom of God cannot be seen with eyes, for it is within us. Other translations err in changing it to say, “in our midst.” But type and shadow searchers will see which is correct, and that the Kingdom is not the churches we can see with eyes. On the real WAY, we get saved, baptized, then cleanse the Land within (our soul) in spiritual warfare. Type and shadow.

How can you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, if you don’t know where the Kingdom is? ( Mt. 6:33; top ) Take this VERY seriously, if you really mean to walk the Way and follow Jesus!

***** This “type and shadow” revelation came to me after first seeing an open vision before me, finishing with the command, “Consider every verse in the Bible in the light of every other verse in the Bible.” It surely opened the Word for me. If you try this, you might even see what the tiny Book of Jude has to do with the coming anti-christ. Can you see it? Kings seeking concealed matter will see it.

***** Even with all the prophecy in the Torah, only two others besides Mary and Joseph were noted to be momentarily expecting Emmanuel to appear. Present church teachers are few and far between who are keeping their people informed of the daily signs of His imminent coming for His Bride. So much is in the Word about these birth pang days, as sorrows heap up worse and worse, and deception by religious leaders increases. ( Mt. 24:3-8; top ) Yet how many are prepared, and are looking up for His coming in the clouds? This is much more needed teaching than worldly loud rock and roll worship music and humorous seeker-friendly sermons.

***** We need to insert Biblical truth here to back up what I write. No doubt if you have been under Bible teaching for a while, you have picked out some heroes of the faith. But I intend here to show proof of what I say about “something settled within us” in even those Bible heroes.

Let’s start with Joseph. He was disliked and belittled by his older siblings, hated for supposing his dreams meant he would some day rule over them. They sold him into slavery in Egypt to be rid of him. We see Joseph grow while there, even as he was imprisoned. Then we see him brought before pharaoh and in time becoming his right-hand man. He had power over all except pharaoh himself. He interpreted pharaoh’s dream to mean famine was coming. Joseph also had the wisdom to help the land survive the famine.

Joseph had people grow extra grain for 7 years so he could store it for the 7 years of hard times coming. Now, here is the hit; When the famine came, Joseph sold the grain back to the ones who had grown it. When the people ran out of money, he traded grain for their land. When the land had all been sold, Joseph had them sell themselves to pharaoh as slaves. (Joseph’s slaves.)

Did you see anything wrong there? Why did Joseph sell the grain back to the ones who grew it? Why did Joseph take their land? Why did Joseph make slaves of the people? Could it be that he had settled it in his heart long ago as vows he would someday be significant, after all? That, along with God’s plan got him in position for excellent results, even if there was evil in his make-up. We tend to look only at God’s hand in his life, and miss seeing what else was there.

Next to note is “the ways of God.” David asked God to show him His ways, and to look into his heart to show him any iniquity there. God did just that, arranging trials and circumstances that would show both David’s requests, if he had known what to look for. (Watch closely and see what our own trials are for, not as we have errantly believed they were only the devil’s attack that should be prayed away.)

David was a man after God’s own heart. But let’s look into David’s own heart. In his early family, he was given the lowest of jobs. His brothers ridiculed him mercilessly. What do you suppose went through his thoughts as he spent lonely nights out watching the sheep? Could he also make vows of someday showing he was significant, too? Vows like this are soon forgotten as life takes better shape. But the vows remain, deeply hidden as a force ready to be called upon. And it would unknowingly be called on.

It was known that when David led the army in battle, quick victory was assured. Yet we find him as king at a time when kings go to war, lounging around the palace while his soldiers do the dirty work. He then gets into adultery with Bathsheba, who becomes pregnant. David calls her husband Uriah home for a break from war, hoping it would be believed the baby would be the result of Uriah being home. But Uriah was more honorable than David, choosing to sleep elsewhere and not partake in pleasures while his men were at war. It is often God’s way to put a more honorable example before the eyes of one He is dealing with, as a message.

So David manipulated Uriah into being killed in the war in order to cover his own sin. He did not repent until Nathan confronted him and even then, his repentance fell short. He said he had sinned against God, and God only. Uriah and his family might have disagreed with that. But David would pay a price for his sins. The baby would die and there would thereafter be no peace in his household.

God next sent David another chance to see that he used the lives of others for his own pleasure. We by putting 2 Sam. 24:1 and 1 Chr. 21:1; top together that God sent the devil to entice David into counting his men. This, to expose his pride of rulership. His top advisors warned him not to do this, but David wouldn’t listen. Many deaths came to his people as a plague fell upon them. Again, David repented, but of the wrong thing. He repented only of what other people saw, but not of his own arrogance of royal position, using other people’s lives for his own pleasure.

The ways of God are carried even further, as we see God had mercy on David again as He arranged another set of circumstances to reveal what was evil in his heart. We find David once again lounging while his men are off to war. When victory was near, his general sent word for him to come to the war front to get the glory for the victory. David went, getting for a war he never fought. God did not use David again except to install his son, Solomon, as the next king. Even that had to be arranged by Bathsheba, as David had become an old man with a hardened heart. He had both his requests answered, but he failed to see them.

Next, we look at David’s son, Solomon. We see in the text that David loved Absalom more than Solomon, because he admired the warrior spirit in Absalom. It is not hard to imagine how this affected Solomon’s feelings as a child. Can we doubt that in his heart, he vowed to someday prove that he was significant too?

Solomon dreamed he asked God for wisdom to rule the people. God then blessed Solomon with the gift of wisdom. He dispensed wisdom for the people like never before seen. However, since the wisdom was a gift rather than earned by experiences, His childhood vows overruled his own personal wisdom.

Solomon knew God had promised to not visit David’s sins on him, and he would reign in peace. But we see him preparing for war, buying horses and chariots from Egypt, whom Israel was forbidden to deal with. He built army outposts to defend against an enemy that would never come. He built a great empire with the riches God poured out on him. But he made some of his people part time slaves to accomplish this self-exalting, using others for personal reasons like his father before him.

Solomon married many wives and had a harem of concubines. Many were from other countries, and those pled for him to let them have high places in which to worship their foreign idols. He gave in and allowed the high places right there in Jerusalem, even knowing it was absolutely against God’s will.

***** Had you seen those heroes in that light before? God is not afraid to let us search out this matter. He wants us to know His Ways. That trials sent our way have His purpose in mind, to reveal what is in our hearts so we can repent of our iniquity. The devil has robbed us of this knowledge so he is glad when we pray uselessly against him, rather than see God’s concealed matter. Now, we must not hold these things against those heroes of the Bible. It was not yet time for God’s ways to be revealed, and they could not know this.

(But we need to know this in our era! God sends trials to us for a purpose. It is for us to see what is in our own make-up that hinders us. Consider everything, no matter how evil, as sent from Him for your betterment. Read the first chapter of Job to see how He does it!)

***** Well, have we got your attention yet? How deep do you want to go in the Bible beyond what they teach in churches? Do you want to know why Jesus called the religious leaders of His days, “sons of the devil?” Do you think it was just a sort of nick-name in anger? No, He called them that because they actually were the sons of the devil. There is so much information available on this subject that is avoided like the plague by our seminary professors and their spawn. We’ll show more on this.

First, let’s remind again that, “it is a king’s glory to search out a matter.” If we forget that important factor, it will be very hard to stay with what can be exposed in the Word. We often see the word, “fruit” in the Bible. It is not always talking about the actual output of a tree. It most often refers to the outcome of an action. In this we must remember, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter.” Let’s be kings! What I go into next will be very hard to take in, your having already been told many other wrong explanations for the Genesis accounts.

Consider that the “eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge, good and evil” is a concealed matter. The real fruit was, there was a sexual act between satan and Eve. And the “trees” were God’s commands. Hold on! There is far more to back this up than you can imagine, and it brings answers to many questions we might have all through the Bible. Don’t forget, satan is able to transition his form to any likeness. This includes he can even come as an “angel of light.” ( 2 Cor. 11:14; top )

********** We must insert here, Daniel’s explanation of the king’s dream. The feet of potter’s clay mixed with iron is speaking of these last days. In Dan. 2:43; top we see, “They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men.” We are left to determine who the “they” are. Next, we see “the stone cut out of the mountain without hands” breaking the whole statue into pieces. This would end corrupted men ruling in the earth. **********

After Eve had that act, she drew in Adam, as well. The “fruit” of those two acts formed twins in Eve by different fathers. In the original language, there was no time gap between the births of Cain and Abel. After Cain was born, it tells that Eve continued in birth, bearing Abel. (Twins with different fathers is fairly common and is easily researched online.) Another point to see is that if the sin had been real fruit they had eaten, then they would have to cover their mouths, not their genitals.

There has always been a battle over the first born inheriting the father’s blessing. But in this case, Cain was a son of the devil and was also the first born. Now, notice in Adam’s following genealogy, Cain is not shown to be among them!

Even after Cain murdered his twin brother, Abel God had mercy on him, giving him a chance to repent, but we see no record that Cain did repent. Now it is time to bring in what fruit might be passed on from “eating the wrong fruit.” These days we know much more about DNA, and how it is passed from the parents to all who follow in their bloodline. So, Cain’s DNA has been passed on, and on and on. This was a move by the devil to contaminate the bloodline to stop us from being in the image of God. This is VERY important to note! Notice how much of the Bible is about blood!

That was not the only attempt to block God’s prophecy about the Messiah that would be at enmity with the seed from Eve. God had assigned angels to watch over the people on earth. Several of these “watchers” decided to go along with the devil’s plot. The devil and his angels knew that the Adamic race was something more special than anything ever before created. We were made in the image of God, and they knew that one day, we would even rule over the angels. This did not sit well with a third of them.

What I write next is also going to be hard to believe with all of us having pre-conceived notions. Angels are able to transform themselves into humanlike form. And no, Jesus telling His disciples “there is no marriage in Heaven” did not mean angels were unable to transition into desirable humanlike beings who could procreate with the attractive daughters of Eve. Read it yourself in early Genesis and compare with what I write here. So the offspring of the fallen angel/human mating was the Nephilim, many of which were giants. This evil spread so greatly, God brought the flood to destroy all but Noah’s family. Noah was noted to still be pure (DNA) in his generation. But it is interesting that Noah went out and picked wives for his three sons. Were they pure? Was Noah’s wife pure? Pure of mixed DNA? We see it did not take long after the Flood for their offspring to produce evil.

We need to show that even after that, giants appeared again and repeated the act with human women. The devil knew where God was going to bring forth the Messiah as he had watched Him guiding Abraham to claim the Promised Land. The result of the latter mating caused many Nephilim, (giants) to fill that land in order to prevent God’s plan. Because of their contaminated DNA, God commanded death for those enemy tribes, the reason the Israelites’ trek was so bloody with warfare. Also note that even today, there remains people born from those long-ago ancestors that the Israelites never completely wiped out. This includes the lineage from Ishmael. And they are still trying to drive Israel out of the Land.

***** I’ll begin bringing in some of my testimony now, but in parts spread out to fit in properly. To tell it chronologically would be confusing. Just know that each part was going on parallel at the same time. Next, I need to explain the whole vision I saw that changed my way of understanding the Bible. This, so it can be better understood as I later explain more about, “type and shadow.”

Taking a work break at my desk, I watched a TV documentary on the Egyptian pyramids. As I rose to go back to work, I wondered at the one flat topped pyramid. “Was it indicative of the Jews leaving without the Cornerstone?” Then a Voice said, “Watch this!”

An open vision appeared before me. It was a pyramid made of thousands of perfectly shaped stones. I knew “in my knower,” that each stone represented a verse in the Bible. Then a red line started from one stone, going across the structure from one side to the other, then to another stone, and another, until the whole pyramid was completely red. Then the Voice said, “Consider every verse in the Bible in the light of every other verse!”

***** Now we are going to go into territory unmined by most, if not all our theology professors and their students; The result of God’s rejection of Lucifer and his fallen angels, (who are spirit beings), is that their spirits are not spirits of rejection. Once the act of rejection occurs, the result is shame. So shame is the spirit of the devil and his spawn. Shame is also the devil’s main wedge into the lives of humans, and as I will show, it is applied cunningly to children just when they are beginning to know their language. Let’s show how:

We all know God uses His still small voice in most of His communication with His children. This type voice requires faith to follow, and faith is the coin in God’s Kingdom. It is the “refined gold” He wants us to receive. The still small voice is a form of telepathy sent from His invisible dimension. He sends us the thought message, and our own minds hear it in the words that fit. But when He needs to send a command, the voice can be stronger, yet still be small compared to hearing by our physical ears.

What many do not know, is that evil spirits also have still small voices. Yes, they can send mental messages to people but they use a trick in doing so. As mentioned earlier, kids do not like it when they are dealing with no-no’s, refusals, punishment, scolding, or abuse. Often after experiencing any of those while still a child without wisdom, they hear the evil spirits’ still small voices while brooding. But most important to know, is that those evil spirits do not speak in the second person. Instead, they speak in the first person, so the brooding child believes it is his own thoughts about how to deal with the shameful situation. These evil spirits are assigned to each of us even before we are born. (I’ll deal more with that later.)

So likely, the first words from the spirit world after an authority applies one of the above situations to a child is, “They don’t love me.” (Note it is as if it is the child’s own thoughts.) “If they loved me, they would not treat me like this.” Etc; This could go on and on, but the point is; The child feels self-pity, followed by the bitterness of rejection, which is followed by shame. The inherited shame DNA comes to life, now able to affect every thought that ever comes to mind through one’s whole life. But vengeance also comes into play. More often than not in this anger, the child vows to show them someday that he is significant. Too. Vengeance vows are very powerful and remain through life. Remember those Bible heroes?

Inner shame is the filter each thought goes through in the mind of every human being. It forms the personality of each-and-every one of us. The only exception is Jesus, as His blood came from His Father God, having no shame DNA in it. That is what frustrated satan at the great temptation when he found nothing in Jesus on which to attach a spirit. (A child’s blood is inherited from the father, never from the mother.) This was an oversight error satan made as he sent about contaminating our blood.

Demons are the spirits of dead Nephilim and Rephaim, beings whose fathers were fallen angels. They reflected satan’s image and thus cannot be saved, being unable to reflect God’s image. They know their future is hell, and wander about seeking humans to occupy so they can live in a body and influence them as they await their destiny. Demons never possess a person, but certainly can influence them from within. Note that the Gadarene demoniac was still able to make his way to Jesus in spite of the legion of demons in him.

***** Now we come back to our earlier discussion on having things settled within us that guides our relationships and decisions. What settled in us was demons. If you have read the Bible verses about the Gadarene demoniac, you might assume all demonized people would react like he did. Not so. I have been on deliverance teams in the church I once attended.

I know, you’ve been told that Holy Spirit and evil demon spirits cannot occupy a body at the same time. But you have no actual Bible evidence for that. (Here, let’s look at something concealed in the Word; When the disciples wanted to call fire down on a town that refused them entrance, Jesus told them they “knew not what spirit they were of.”) I have seen many an obviously Christian suffering from ongoing problems they can’t seem to pray away. When they came to our three-person team, we questioned them in the presence of Holy Spirit, and often they then manifested of demons. Most manifestations were very mild.

I never saw a single violent manifestation, but the demons leaving were obvious and most unhappy we had discovered them. Sometimes victims wanted to be rid of just part of the bad things going on in their life, but they loved some of the things demons did for them. Usually this was sexual pleasures. (This is called, “Incubus, or succubus.” Look them up in a dictionary.) Since they did not want the total demon experience out, we couldn’t cast it out. The spirits of lust laugh and mock us, knowing we cannot get them out.

(Here is where we who know about demons are told we see demons behind every bush. Please see that as a weak defense against knowing this truth! My standard answer is, “You can’t even see the demons in front of your face.”)

In one case, a pastor’s wife came asking for help to get the odd things happening in her home stopped. Things like pictures falling off a wall, vases sent flying across the room smashing into walls, and other odd irritations. She said she would also like her headaches to stop, and that she had one now. I asked her if the headaches every moved around in her head? She said they did. (A moving pain is a manifestation of a demon.) I told her to tell us if it moved during our session. We did not go after a demon unless it manifested first.

As we conversed, she said the headache moved. I commanded the demon to manifest, and it did with an angry voice. They have to tell the truth with Holy Spirit present and in questioning, we found how it got into her. She had cheated on a test in elementary school, and a voice told her it could always give her answers to anything she wanted. She agreed and from then on, she had answers to present herself as a very smart pastor’s wife. She had an inferiority belief about herself that she was stupid, so she appreciated the help to look smart.

We tried to cast the demon out, but it only laughed at us, as it knew she would rather keep it so she could retain her intellectual status at church. She feared losing her church reputation for having answers for everyone’s questions. We had to give up.

I know the above is hard to believe if you don’t see it for yourself. Yet the Great Commission ( Mk. 16:17; top ) tells us to cast out demons in Jesus’ name. How many preachers actually do or teach that part of the Commission they talk so much about? They seem only interested in telling the parts that encourage new people to join their church and follow the preacher. This shows that deep inside, most preachers are ashamed of parts of the Gospel. Yep. I said that.

***** So how do most demons get into people in the first place? We know that there are ways that people play with spiritual games or dabbling in the occult that can invite them in. But those are only the obvious ways. We want to talk about the way most of it happens.

Remember earlier our discussing children hearing still small voices? It’s when we agreed with those voices that gave them permission to move in and take up residence. Don’t turn that off! Remember, salvation comes when you agree with The Father that Jesus is our Savior and Holy Spirit comes in. So demons can do likewise. Yes, it is that simple.

Another way is when parental authority is misused. This often allows a familiar spirit in. A familiar spirit is one that is handed down through generations with inherited poor family relations examples. An angry parent can give anger demons permission to enter the child. And that child is likely to show that same spirit of rage as an adult. In much the same way, a spirit of lust can be passed on.

Of course, most demons are content to remain hidden in a position of near silence, merely influencing, decisions through “gut feelings,” stirred emotions and depression, etc; Few Christians even realize they have demons throughout their whole life. One example of this I’ll mention here; An elderly Christian lady who had once been on this same deliverance team came for help. She had inordinate fear at night, living alone in her apartment. We had hardly begun questioning her in Holy Spirit Presence when she slid off her chair and slithered around on the floor, hissing like a snake. This demon presented no problem in casting it out. The lady was amazed, commenting on the many demons she had cast out of others in her past, while not knowing she had one herself.

I hope you understand, we all had the shame spirit handed down to us in our DNA, and that made a place for demons to attach in us when we were yet innocent children. More on this to come, much more on DNA. You can see in this, why we need and are given new pure bodies when we enter Heaven.

It might be well here to show a Bible verse Jn. 1:12 KJ we see “But as many as received Him, to them He gave power to BECOME children of God…” (my emphasis) NKJ uses “…the ‘right’ to become….” (top) Is there any question then of our ancestry prior to believing?

***** More parallel goings on while I was learning about demons; I had asked God to clean out anything in me that displeased Him, and He knew I meant it. I already knew some about demons but was yet unaware I had any. He, by His Holy Spirit, began bringing truth to me, about me. He brought up many very emotionally painful memories of my childhood through trials He sent, one at a time.

It started with God waking me up at 4 AM every morning for several weeks. Each time, He told me to read the book of Job. I did, over and over, failing to see what He wanted me to see. Then one AM, I had misplaced by Bible, and used another from my library instead. It had footnotes explaining verses. I glanced down at one footnote and saw the word, “Job’s self-pity.” I had only heard about Job having great patience and was biased to that. Now, this caught my attention!

***** Holy Spirit responded to my quest from God, arranging present trial “co-incidents” that brought back both the memories and the actual emotional pains I had felt as a child as I saw the truths of my childhood. (I was to learn this is what trials are fore, to show what is in us that needs cleansing. Praying away trials is not a victory. It is a missed opportunity!)

There was no expressed love in my family. I was starving for something and did not know what. I knew my dad was much more interested in my older brother, as they had a mutual interest in radio electronics. My dad took both a morning and evening newspaper. In the morning on both sides of breakfast, he had a newspaper unfolded in front of his face. After he came home from work, he did the say with the evening paper, on each side of supper. I would later see this was why at first, I applied my father figure to God, not believing He would pay attention to me.

My mom kept the home clean and made excellent meals. But never was there a word that filled the need I had hurting inside. As time went on, I quit hoping for love, for in time I knew that was what was missing. I now know self-pity took over, followed by bitterness and self-hatred for my feeling of being unworthy of being loved. But that is a feeling that needs an action response. I decided to treat others in kind, not knowing this was asking for the spirit of defiance to enter me.

I saw I paid back when I got punished. Holy Spirit showed me several examples of me as a child, but one I’ll mention here to suffice; I guess I had crossed my mother in some way, I don’t remember how. But I was told to shut up and go to my bed and not get up for anything until she said I could. I was bored, just laying there. Then came the idea. I laid over to the side and peed my bed. Later, when mom saw, I told her she’d told me to shut up and stay in bed, so I did what she told me. She was so frustrated she didn’t say anything.

So that was my first “success” with defiance. It became part of my personality, showing up in many ways. It even surprised me I could say something bad to a person and they could not deny it, for if they tried, it would prove my point. This was an evil that I only saw as a way to make it through each day. I know now, I could never have come up with those ways by myself. They were too clever for such a naïve person as I.

Even with all that going on, I always had a feeling I needed to know about God. I even tried to read the Bible, but no one told me there was the New Testament to start in, and the O.T. begats soon got rid of me. But that eerie drawing toward God still came now and then.

Once out of school, I did read the New Testament and got saved. I chose for a wife one who was beautiful but not mentally sharp, selfishly assuming I could make most of the decisions that way. Little did I know that with her being unable to reason with logic, there was nothing but trouble ahead.

Three kids later, the marital struggles continued. I know now it could have been somewhat better if I did not have the defiance spirit in me. But I also see now, nothing could have satisfied her because I was not the knight in shining armor she had fallen in love with, and no one could have lived up to her jealous and demanding expectations. Plus, there was no chance of our getting closer to God, as she only wanted to be saved, but for Him to stay away unless needed in an emergency.

One day back then as I pondered her ever present dour mood, I heard my three young kids playing with the belly laughs of the innocent, a sound love. I thought to myself, “Why can’t my wife be like that?” Then a powerful Voice said, “There is a little girl out there in the world somewhere, the same age as your kids. I have chosen her for your wife.”

I was shocked. I’d never heard a voice out of nowhere before. And how could it even be so? I had no intention of leaving my wife and had no idea that she would die young. Her death shocked me closer to God than ever. While I did not like my wife dying, I did find myself free to pursue God with all my heart, and He did not disappoint me. I had read the Bible cover to cover very many times, but still had some questions. I began a search for a church with answers.

Making it even easier now to pursue God, was that I had been in a seven-year long wilderness experience. How dry and lifeless those years were, with nothing working out right. Now as God drew near, real life began for me. I was eager to instantly jump at anything God told me to do, anything to keep from going back into that wilderness, going around and around the same mountain.

I settled on a nearby church where I saw they believed in “doing the stuff.” They did the things the New Testament talks about, including healing miracles and teaching spiritual warfare. At one of their teaching conventions, the speaker told about a recent experience where a man got saved and asked for immediate baptism. They arranged for a tank of water the next day and put him under. He came up out of the water blaspheming God, and they had to cast that demon out of Him.

I went to the speaker after, and asked him if it was true, the man was saved even if only for a day, yet had a demon in him? The speaker assured me it was true. That was a major answer to my questions, and it began my own search for Spiritual knowledge. God did not disappoint me, as He guided me through lesson after lesson until I joined the church deliverance ministry. I so admired our ministry leader there for his spiritual knowledge, hoping someday I could know what he knew. The ministry consisted of several three-person teams, each team ministering to a victim, and I thought I had found my calling as I often got visions and words of knowledge concerning the victim we were helping…….. BUT!!!

***** Now we insert another parallel goings-on. I didn’t know God would send a warning, so I didn’t really pay attention to what happened when my victim did not shop up for that evening’s deliverance meeting. My ministry leader asked for prayer for himself, saying he was feeling a little sick. He laid on a couch, his head about two feet from a window. The instant I laid my hand on his forehead, lightning struck outside within a foot of that window with a loud blast of thunder. We laughed it off, but I would not laugh about it later.

***** We always met and prayed for cleansing for each other after our deliverance sessions to make sure we were alright, as often we are spiritually attacked after we cast demons out of people. I had noticed a pretty lady there, but also noted she was too young for me to be interested in. But one night in the after-meeting, it was her birthday, and someone provided a cake to celebrate.

I was shocked, you could have knocked me over with a feather when the young lady sliced a bit piece and walked all the way across the room to hand it to me, smiling up into my eyes. As weeks when by, she somehow often showed up wherever I was, so often in fact I wondered why, so I asked God. He said, “This is the lady I told you about whom I have chosen for your wife.” Then I remembered that long-ago Voice that so stirred me. Now I began to see she was finding ways to be near me, but again, I thought she was too young for me. Nevertheless, I could not get her out of my mind.

One day I was by the church bookstore and saw her coming across the campus toward where I was standing. As she came, I saw in large black letters over her head, the word, “PAIN.” I asked God what her pain was, and I felt a sharp pain in my back. Then I saw another word over her head as she kept coming. It was “REJECTION.” We smiled as she passed by and I left, wondering what that was about.

Later, one night as we filed into our meeting room, I overheard her just ahead of me asking another lady to rub her hurting back. We continued in and took seats. I was behind her and a little to the side. Again, she asked that same lady sitting right behind her to rub her back.

The woman said she didn’t know how, but I reached over and began massaging the place I had felt her pain in my own back. She praised the woman behind her for it being just right, but the lady told her it was me, not her. She smiled at me again. She often wore read and I really liked the song, “Lady in Red,” so I began thinking of her as, “Lira,” short for Lady In Red, A.

Our flirting continued, and I was building up nerve to ask her out. One night as we went to our cars after our meeting, I asked her to consider us going out together. She smiled broadly, and after a few friendly words we parted. I expected to ask her decision the next Sunday at church. As I approached her, she suddenly looked angry and stormed out of the church. I was dismayed, at a loss, especially after seeing her attempts at our running into each other so often.

Weeks went by, and I saw Lira turn away from me each time we saw each other. Finally, one day after church I went to where she sat and asked her why she was angry with me. She was frightened but told me that our ministry leader had seen me rubbing her back and had warned her that I had wrong motives, and that she should stay away from me.

I went to the leader whom I had so admired and asked him why he had turned Lira away from me. He told me he had used his “engineering knowledge” and decided I was pursuing her for the wrong reasons. I asked him why he didn’t use Holy Spirit knowledge and come talk to me to find out my motives? He would not let it go and would not even let me tell him my intentions. He adamantly refused to consider it any other way. He scoffed when I told what God had told me about her and me.

My major shock was that a person I so admired for his spirituality could be so evil that he could not even consider he might be wrong. He began going around to other leaders to get his story in place before any heard my side. I confronted him on this, but he stood firm no matter the proof I had that he was wrong. He got pastors behind him, and I was ordered to not approach or talk to Lira unless she approached to talk to me first. I heard God say, “Do as they say, but not as they do.”

***** As all that was going on, (another parallel,) I had taken a homeless recovering alcoholic young man into my home, discipling him. We had become very close friends and hung out together almost 24/7. But he began being lured by an older attractive lady at church. That lady did not like me, because I had once stopped her in the midst of falsely accusing another person at my home group meeting. This Jezebel was getting her revenge as she offered him a price, her body and alcohol to persuade him to betray me. They made up more lies and joined the leader against me.

I tried my only hope, by calling for a pastoral meeting per Mt. 18:15-17; top . One pastor said he was going to back me up in the confrontation. He believed me, having heard about the healing miracles and multiplying of food at my homegroup. I was happy to see they had also called Lira in to observe. At last, she would hear my side. But they gave the leader first turn to speak, even though I had called for the meeting. I soon saw I could easily disprove two of his lies and eagerly awaited my turn.

When I began to speak, the pastors, including the one who said he would be my advocate talked loudly over me, accusing me with new lies and not allowing me to even finish my first sentence. Then I heard Jesus say, “David, close your mouth as I did at my trial.” I did and was wrongly found guilty. They cut off the three ministries I had been in. I was spiritually crucified. For the next several weeks after, I could hardly keep my eyes open, day or night.

Later, when the young man saw he had caught a sexually transmitted disease from the Jezebel, he came to and the “advocate” pastor who had helped crucify me, and repented, telling how they had made up lies backing that leader. And that he knew all along that the leader was wrong, because the young man had been present with me at the times I was lied about. But that pastor never cleared me, even as now he knew I was not guilty of any of their accusations.

I had not fully understood what all that had happened really meant. That is, until the young man, my disciple, went out and hung himself.

***** So what was it all about? It took time for me to put the whole thing together. Jesus showed us in His Word that we would experience essentially what He experienced if we followed Him on the Real Way. I came to realize, like Jesus, I came for my own (bride,) but religious leaders interfered, causing her to fear me. I was betrayed for a price by my disciple and put on trial on lies against me. I was found guilty of those lies and my ministries were cut off, spiritually crucifying me. My betraying “Judas” disciple hung himself.

Not long after, I saw Lira had second thoughts, again making sure she was around where I was. I saw she got angry that I did not react to her minimal efforts. But I had to obey to not approach or talk to her first, as that command had not been rescinded. She didn’t know that her spirit of rejection had been the cause of all the problems in the first place. It was a stalemate, no way out. I have not seen Lira for over a decade. She likely won’t know the truth until we meet in Heaven. Then she will know I never rejected her.

***** Know that I so forgave each of those who came up against me, that it won’t even be brought up at judgment. For at last I knew the answer to the most major question I always had. How could Jesus, as He hung on the cross, ask His Father to forgive them, for they know not what they do? As I will show later, now I knew my persecutors and betrayers knew not what they were doing. I also was later able to forgive myself, now knowing I had been caught in the devil’s trap and without wisdom, I took on his ways. More later.

I must admit, I was somewhat angry at God for letting me think Lira was to be my wife. If He knows the end from the beginning, He also knew that my expectations would never come about when He first said He chose her for my wife. I know, He never said she would be my wife, only that He chose her. But He is God, and we are made for His pleasure. I had to live and deal with that.

***** It was at once, both the worst and best years of my life. I would not have given it up for the world. They meant it for evil, but God meant it for good. I learned so much from those experiences and am still processing what He is showing me day to day.

***** As I began to see demons in even my pastors, guiding them to attack me because they knew God was exposing them to me, I began to suspect I might have them, too. So I co-operated with Holy Spirit as I saw Him arranging situations around me to bring up memories from my childhood, as I mentioned before. Those brought up the same painful emotions I had felt as a child. He brought me to see the exact long forgotten moments I unknowingly invited demons into myself.

Now and then there was a much-needed encouragement oasis while going through the 3-1/2 years of emotionally painful trials. One happened during worship at a homegroup meeting. I had a vision, seeing my child-self sitting on a stage, so sad and lonely. The right side of the stage began to brightly light up. Then in came the Father holding His robe up as He ran. He grabbed me and wrestled with me, tickling my ribs and we were both laughing hilariously as He sat on my belly, keeping His weight off me. Then He rolled off and we laid side by side, both breathing hard and still laughing. Then I heard, “This is how your dad should have treated you.” It helped me remember in the trials that He would never leaven nor forsake me.

I had seen my child-self go through great loneliness, followed by self-pity, which invited that spirit in. Then I saw bitterness encroach, inviting that spirit in. Several more lesser ones found their way in, too. As each of these became exposed, I repented and rebuked them as I saw how they sneaked in. In each case, I shared what I found with a trusted friend, and those demons left. They cannot stand exposure to Light. This is what Jesus meant when He told us it takes violence to enter the Kingdom of God. ( Mt. 11:12; top ) But it is spiritual violence, physically wearing you down in the battles.

We all have one major demon that without our knowing, got us to where we are in life. And it is the one that really causes us to hesitate to rid our self of, for we don’t know how we will get along since our main personality traits are not threatened. It is a crucial moment, deciding to go for it no matter the cost. Fortunately, I trusted God to never leave nor forsake me, and plunged into deliverance from the spirit of defiance.

***** Now, going back to my confronting those church leaders who were persecuting me, Holy Spirit showed me that my way of approaching them had the spirit of defiance in it. Now, I was faced with a dilemma. I knew I could not get rid of that demon any other way than to go to my persecutors and repent of my defiance. I also knew I could not in any way soften what I would tell them, with no justifying myself by pointing my finger at their wrongs. I knew they would feel gratified at my confession, believing I now saw I was the one in the wrong all along.

I had no other way out, so I did go to them, confessing in tears my spirit of defiance. It worked out as expected. They took my confession as if I had been wrong. I can live with that, for I also had victory! The spirit of defiance left and is no longer a part of me. So many of my thought patterns have changed. I give glory to the LORD, for His faithfulness. Now having seen that I had demons without knowing it, was why I could so completely forgive my persecutors who also have demons they do not know about.

***** After going through all those trials and publishing several books on those subjects, God spoke to me. He said, “David, I have made of you a scribe.” I was so hurt! How could He accuse me of being a scribe? After all, Jesus had scolded the Scribes and Pharisees as being sons of the devil! I moped over this for a couple of days, then it came to me that I needed to research “scribes.” To my surprise, I found that the Scribes were originally the ones who could find the most concealed revelations in the Torah! And that rabbis often came to them for advice. It was only later that the devil corrupted the Scribes. Now my calling had a name.

***** I need to add a little filler here. As mentioned, I took people into my home, giving them a chance to get their life together so they could have a new start. This included many different types of people for me to observe as God was showing me why people grow up to be whom they become. One was an unwed pregnant young lady. Her child was born as she lived with me. I got to observe the little girl as she learned how to get by. I watched her growing up as God was proving what He had been showing me, how the shame shield is formed in an innocent child, no matter how much family love is given.

There was also a lady friend I had taken in, and with the young disciple we three went everywhere together seeking God every moment. Know that this lady and I never even touched each other, as we both knew that was not God’s purpose for us being so close.

For some time after the young man betrayed me and hung himself, this lady and I continued on our quest for more of God, discussing everything. That is, until I began to see and talk about shame. In time, I saw she was holding back, no longer wanting to discuss what God was showing me. Our time together was over. I learned a lot from her, and I thank God for bringing us together. I could not have asked for a better sister.

***** I wrote all the foregoing hoping to lend some credence to what you are reading here. God put me through all those trials to deliver me, so I would now be in position to warn people today who are called by His name, “Christians.”

***** Now we need to get to what is going on in these Last Days to see how all the above is affecting the whole world while the church sleeps; If our churches dared to keep us up to date with what is going on in the world, we would see that major Last Days Bible prophecy is taking place right before our eyes. We should see that the churches have become as Jesus described in Rev. 3:14-22; top . We are the church of Laodicea. We think we have all we need and need no more. But we are lukewarm and don’t know it. Jesus threatens to vomit us out of His mouth, so we need to pay attention or suffer great consequences.

No matter how sincere the pastor’s opening prayers are for Holy Spirit to come and have His way in the service, it is mostly in vain. Holy Spirit knows the service is planned, laid out leaving little room for Him to operate. He knows the teaching will be far less than hoped for. The teachers will lift themselves and their social club activities more than they lift Jesus. Holy Spirit knows that sure, there will be no mention of the fear of God. No sin conviction. No blood. No cross.

***** Our churches have turned to worldly ways to gain popularity. Preachers are ashamed of the Gospel, fearing teaching it would scare new people away. Note that Jesus Himself spoke out very harsh words that indeed, scared people away. This eliminated people He knew were only following Him for the miracles He performed. Why then should today’s preachers fear the Gospel? Do they fear losing a tithe paying member?

It turns out, the reason is because the preachers are building their own following. They believe they are doing God’s will, but truth be known, they have taken the devil’s bait and bow to the 501(c)(3) “tax-deductible donations” law clause. In doing this, they avoid Bible teaching which can be by “politically correct” called, “Hate speech.” If the government finds a church guilty of teaching such, their tax-deductible standing can be withdrawn. Preachers fear their people will stop giving to support the church if they can no longer deduct it from income taxes. In this, they lack faith that God would bless them with finances if they did teach His whole Word to the depth God wants.

***** Further, churches have lost their standing with science as they do not understand a basic truth in the Bible. That it was NOT seven actual days of Creation. That this earth is millions of years old and had many different kinds of “people” living on it long before Adam and Eve. Kings will see evidence when they put some verses with other verses to find a revealed truth.

If properly searched, one can see the two places in Genesis describing creation were not two ways to see the same event. Rather, the first one was creation that took place pre-Adam. Many skeletons, including Neanderthals, have been found to prove to be way older than when Adam was created. These anthropoids were among the living creatures of Gen. 1:24; top . Animals, if you will, with only bodies and souls. Those humanoids were not in the image of God.

The second Genesis creation description in Gen. 1:26-27; top is far different. In this one, God created man in His own image! Body, soul, and spirit. God also created a new set of animals for Adam, who named them.

As kings, we need to remember how foolish some of our past preacher/teachers were, holding onto a flat earth for centuries no matter the globe truth before their eyes. Just because they found in the Bible, “the four corners” of the earth, they swore it was flat. So be wary of some of today’s teachers teaching some things just as foolish. We must also sort out some of even our best Bible versions having error in them.

Did you know the word “was” in, was without form and void” in Gen. 1:2; top is elsewhere translated as, “became”? This could go on and on, showing that this world had been peopled for millennia before God made a man in His own image and put him in a Garden in the midst of a chaotic world. For the seeker, there is plenty more evidence available on this that seminaries and preachers do not dare to preach. They are comfortable in their box and don’t want anyone to shake it.

Did you notice Cain was afraid to go where God was sending him? It was “Nod,” an already named city with other “people” there that Cain feared might kill him. Adam was created outside the Garden then was led in, so he knew what was outside the paradise that as keeper, he was assigned to guard against intruders, such as serpents.

We had a warning from a famous cult exposer in the late 1900’s, to be wary of new Bible versions becoming gender-neutral. They are now here! And the churches sleep on, mindlessly adopting them as the Word of God. So blind in so many ways to how the devil creeps into every Christian endeavor.

***** So much change is taking place in this world. Yet churches act like it’s same old, same old. They have become social clubs to please themselves, having projects that are often good, but not as important as filling their lamps to be ready for a twinkling of an eye trip to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

Without available Last Days knowledge, Christians will not know to be looking up for His coming in the clouds. Even some people called by His name are now scoffing, saying, “Oh, people have talked about Jesus’ coming for years, but nothing ever happens.” In other words, they will not be looking up, and will likely be left behind, not being prepared. Remember, it happened 2,000 years ago when people quit looking for Messiah. As Solomon said, “Nothing is new under the sun. What has happened before will happen again.”

***** Few know the shaky beginning foundations of the Catholic Church. The claimed the Bible said many things they made up, knowing they had almost all of the only hand copied Bibles at that time and felt safe making up what they wanted the Bible to say. Let’s begin with whom they consider as the first pope, Peter.

They took where Peter first realized that Jesus is the Christ and twisted it. Jesus said this “rock” would be the foundation of His Church. Early Catholics believed this meant Peter, whose name means “rock,” was the foundation. Ergo, they had their first pope. They missed that Jesus meant that “the Father revealing Christ to individuals” would be the foundation of His Church.

Why would we even need a pope, an earthly representation of Jesus? Jesus told us that more blessed are those who do not see (Him) and believe, than those who do see (Him) and believe. ( Jn. 20:29; top ) Then should a mere man graft himself into the True Vine? Between us and Jesus?

Much evil followed in those early days, as some would-be popes schemed and fought among each other over who should hold that office. They made decisions for their parish members to follow, letting them think it was Spiritual, straight from Jesus through His earthly representative. Very non-Scriptural.

An example of this is back then most protein in diets was from fish caught and sold by fishermen who also tithed, which kept the church funded. But as time went on, people began raising poultry, sheep and cattle for themselves, which cut into the profits of the fishermen, and that cut into the tithes. So the church decided followers must eat fish on Fridays, (aiding the fishermen,) thus a new “spiritual” rule.

Even though Jesus commanded us to call no man, “Father,” they dodged that one blatantly, as they also did by making statue images of their heavenly heroes. They also believe they can determine who is a saint. Paul called all believers, “saints.”

They got away with many of their evil schemes, but then the printing press was invented, and Bibles became available to all. This meant they had to stop insisting on some things but they never confessed the real reasons for so many rules not found in the Bible. Some of those fantasies live on, even today.

Jesus warned us against rituals and vain repetitions, thinking the more they chant, the more likely they are to be heard. ( Mt. 6:7; top ) One of their chants is a very serious sin. After confession, a penance of some number of “hail marys.” Really.? Then Jesus died for nothing if chanting can pay for our sins! Blasphemy!

Purgatory? A place to make up for your earthly sins before you go to Heaven? Buy indulgences from the church so you can get away with sin? Really? What a way for the church to make money off people’s sins!

One of the most serious things the Catholic church did, was raise Mary to be the mother of God, worthy of worship. Now, you need to know that when Eve was deceived by the serpent, God lowered her status. She had been the equal of Adam, but now she was to be subservient to him. The devil is always about twisting God’s ways and set about working to raise women not only to be equal, but even superior to men. You can see this happening all over the world right now. This move has coined the title, “Womens’ Lib.”

When only Catholic priests had Bibles, they also taught people to pray to saints in Heaven for individual help. This of course bangs against God’s command to not talk to dead people. Good reason for that is, saints in Heaven cannot communicate with us, but demons are all too happy to convince people that they are the dead that people want to talk to. Demons know the things to say to convince people, for they have been watching us from their invisible dimension for thousands of years and know convincing details.

It would not surprise me if this is where, “Come out of her!” fits in. ( Rev. 18:4; top )

***** Protestants may be looking down on the Catholic Church in comparison, thinking how bad their troubles are with the unending child molestation exposures and cover-ups shouting at us daily. While it is true that Catholic leadership is in deep sin, it would be wise to see if we Protestants have logs in our own eyes. God is not going to let us off the hook for our own lack of attention to His warnings about these Last Days. You and I will not be able to point our finger at our pastor who let us down. That did not work for Adam and Eve, and it won’t work for us.

Bible teachers seem to be blind to reasons to teach spiritual warfare. Not doing so will not only greatly lessen the teachers’ rewards in Heaven, but his followers will not even know those rewards were available to gain or lose, as they blindly follow the blind. So again, it would not surprise me if the “Come out of her!” command would also include many Protestant and non-denominational churches, the churches of Laodicea.

God always has a silent remnant. I suspect they have the spirit of Elijah and will be ready to teach many who give up on today’s standard churches, and leave for informal homegroups, instead.

At least there, it may be possible to talk about more Last Days subjects, such as; do you know that scientists in several countries are mixing genetics trying to create warriors, part animal and part human? Do you know scientists and the Catholic Vatican are trying to open a portal into another dimension? (This hearkens back to Nimrod and his tower.) Are you watching to see who makes a deal with Israel to divide God’s land? It is indeed, Last Days.

***** So what else is going on as we occupy until He comes? We can watch Israel and see them as survivors hear bad news from home and turn back. Now, what is that ad news from home likely to be? Could it be that somehow America gets involved in this war and destroys Russia, even as Russia destroys America? Neither is further mentioned in this particular era.

Besides how many times in the Old Testament do we see God using nations to invade other nations to do His judgments? And He still calls it His doings and for His purpose and His glory.

Certainly, the aftermath of that war in Israel appears to be cleaning up after a nuclear attack, with dangerous radioactivity being indicated as the fallen bodies of the invaders are carefully gathered together to be buried in a certain isolated valley.

I am not claiming this is the way it will happen, but nuclear missiles seem similar to “fire and brimstone” coming down from the sky. But if it was actual sulfur and brimstone falling from outer space to destroy the enemy, Israel would realize for certain it was of God, recognizing His works as in days of old shown in the Torah. But it seems that is not the case, as it is indicated they will more likely see it as a human sword that saves them and act accordingly, remaining as unbelievers.

What if, as nuclear missiles are going to and from Russia and America, the rapture occurs? As I said, this is not predicting, but is only looking at the Word to see possibilities. It is part of “looking up.” This would also explain why the Bible shows no great mystery mentioned of where all those people disappeared to.

We also know Israel must become alone in this world, with not one friendly nation left. Now theoretically speaking, if the anti-christ happened to be Secretary General of the United Nations, he could be the one to make a deal with Israel, promising peace and his protection, kick-starting the Tribulation Period. Just thinking, not predicting.

***** Before we leave America’s possible Last Days’ actions, we need to examine what is happening there, almost completely without Christians understanding it. We see the citizens taking the positions of “right and left.” The Constitution conservatives on the right, and the “progressives” on the left. The progressives cannot see they are diminishing the power of the Constitution by demanding we step around it to impeach the duly elected conservative leader.

They are blind, uncaring, and don’t know they are knocking the very foundations out from under this free nation. The teaching they received in school has been aimed at hate for our nation’s founders. They were taught our forefathers were slave owners, which has some truth. But they were born into that as a norm, and it took time to see how wrong that was and repent. The left refuses to take that into consideration. The left actually believes they alone are the patriots. To them, evil is good and good is evil. ( Isa. 5:20; top )

The left is willing to go around our Constitution by nearly any means. This of course includes the wooing of minorities and illegal non-citizen immigrants to vote for their side, promising they alone will give them everything they want. They will even destroy attempts to keep illegal aliens from voting, not looking at what that can mean in the future. Nor does the left want to vet these, even though it is known many of them are or will become gang members who rape and murder.

As the left pursues Constitutionally illegal moves, they ignore the obvious felonious attempts to both quell any looking into their own election crimes, and also the continuing obviously biased persecution of the Conservative leader.

Christians don’t seem to realize the Bible shows this happening before in history with an unlikely outcome. This story is found in first and second Kings. Jezebel and her wimp king/husband Ahab plotted to illegally take property belonging to a citizen. At that time, there happened to be a man with a wild reputation, who sometimes sped around in his chariot. His name was Jehu, a quite unlikely man to be chosen by God to bring justice to Israel. In the end, this God-chosen Jehu saw both Jezebel and Ahab die terrible deaths. Are our present Jezebel and her wimp husband going to meet a like finish? As Solomon said, “Nothing is new under the sun.” What has happened before will happen again.

Justice could be brought about in this chaotic time in America’s history, but only if His children called by His name humbled themselves and do spiritual warfare. We are shown in the Bible, ( Eph. 6:12; top ) that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

How many Christians take it seriously that there are principalities and powers capable of causing satan’s ways to succeed if they have no opposition? Who among us is taking those powerful angels to task, rebuking their deeds of stalling justice in our Capitol? They hover over a territory and put under-angels and demons to work lulling people to sleep, instead of using their Sword in battle. Do you understand that this is where we are meant to bind something on earth, so God will bind it in Heaven? ( Mt. 16:19; top )

The church I had attended used to “do the stuff.” But it has gone limp, wimpy. Using worldly seeker-friendly methods to please crowds, they now ignore the spiritual warfare Jesus taught. I watched as an assigned “power” hovering over this church succeeded in causing it to lose its way.

What teachers/preachers are going to wake up before it is too late? As it now is, the gates of Hades are prevailing against the churches. Who of you will stand in the gap to make those churches become His Church?

***** In any case, one parable is coming true even as we watch. This is ( Mt. 13:24-30; top ) about a man planting wheat in his field. While he was away, an evil man came and threw weed seeds into the field. When both were growing, the weeds could not be pulled up because that would uproot the wheat. But at harvest time, one could look at the seed-head (the fruit,) and tell which is, wheat to be harvested, and which is tares to be burned. Look at the evil going on in these days, even in what used to be peaceful towns. Tares are becoming apparent, showing it is near harvest time.

I think it’s worth mentioning that Rev. 22:10; top tells us not to seal up those prophesies. So, it seems right for us to discern just who is wheat, and who is tares. Then one verse later, we are told that who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still. I wonder if this means if some of us have pushed God’s patience too far, for too long are those who will be locked in and cannot change?

Perhaps 2 Ths. 2:7-12; top is coming about to cause the above as we watch. There, we are told of a time when some will not receive the love of the truth in order to be saved. God will send strong delusion that they shall believe the lie and be condemned.

***** Now I want to finish by filling in the other in the devil’s power structure. We know the devil tries to copy God in many deceiving ways. We know that God is a Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is also known by another name, “Love.” Why then would not satan also have a copy-cat trinity?

We find satan at the top, then his “son” the anti-christ. (Who will also be wounded as unto death and rise again, mimicking Jesus arising from death.) Now try this on as the third part of satan’s trinity: The Unholy spirit, who also has another name, “shame.”

Shame has many symptoms. You might think that hate is the opposite of love, but it isn’t. Shame is the opposite, and hate is but a symptom of shame. Love accepts, shame rejects; Love gives joy, shame robs joy; Love loves to be expressed, shame hates to be exposed.

This is not merely guessing about shame being part of a trinity. God told me one night to write down the evil powers in their order of power. I wrote, devil, anti-christ, fallen angels, demons, and evil people. God replied, “You missed one.” I asked what I missed? Silence. I knew then to watch as Holy Spirit would cause co-incidents that would eventually allow me to discover for myself what He wants me to know. Following are a few of those “co-incidents” Holy Spirit arranged for me to discern.

I went to a restaurant for lunch. The host seated me, then joined the waiters in a group just talking to each other. After a while, I saw I was being ignored, so I left. I crossed the street to another restaurant and was seated again. The same thing happened, as the waiters just stood in a group talking to each other. They were ignoring me, as if I was not important enough to serve. As you may have noted, I watch for co-incidents.

At my Dentist. I asked for extra Novocain because it usually does not completely kill pain for me. He began drilling and hit a live nerve and I jumped. He scowled and said, “You baby!” Shaming me.

My friend went through my record collection, choosing one that had the word, “shame” in it in three places, written by a wise man who knew a lot about shame and its effect on marriage. I had played that record many times before but had not noticed that word in it until then.

I noticed that word coming often over several days. There were more, now forgotten but I was putting it together. I sat on my bed, pondering this before sleep one night. Then it came to me. The devil has his own unholy spirit, and its name is, “shame!” The one He had told me I’d missed before. At that moment of discovery, it was like sweet honey pouring through me from my head down through my body, such a Heavenly experience as He showed His pleasure at my discovery.

***** After all the above writing, I sense I am released to speak out what I have long suspected. Notice I often mentioned “something settled in us” for demons to attach to? This is something that entered from the original sin in the Garden and was passed on through all generations to follow. And that is why it can be said we are “born in sin.” From all the gathered information I feel safe in claiming that there is not only physical DNA, but also spiritual “DNA.” When we get saved, Jesus’ Spiritual DNA enters us to contend with the already present devil’s “spiritual DNA.”

Have you observed a newborn baby pouting before it cries, exhibiting an already present consciousness of not having its way? Have you watched as the baby grows, how it learns to manipulate to get its way, but already tries to disguise its purpose? Shame and finding ways to hide it begin early, perhaps even in the womb.

***** I hope you did read the first chapter of Job. I suggest reading the whole book of Job so you can see that he had an attitude that, because he had been so good, God owed him and should not have let this trial come upon him. The words, “self-pity” do not appear in this book, but if you look closely at his words, you can see he is feeling self-pity even while he refuses to curse God. At the end of that book, you see that Job is humbled and free of anger and self-pity. That is the Way of God!


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God bless you.

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