War On the Saints (unabridged edition)

Jesse Penn-Lewis

Chapter 12. Revival Dawn and the Baptism of the Spirit

Table of Contents
12.1 - Revival the Hour and Power of God
12.2 - Why Revival Stops
12.3 - Revival And War On Satan
12.4 - Prayer For Revival
12.5 - Instruments For Revival
12.6 - What Is a True Baptism of the Spirit
12.7 - The Influx of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
12.8 - The Holy Spirit Revealing Christ in Heaven
12.9 - Revival Depends Upon True Understanding of the Baptism of the Spirit
12.10 - The True Revelation of Christ
12.11 - Why Believers Do Not Obtain the Baptism of the Spirit
12.12 - The Reception of the Gift of the Holy Spirit
12.13 - The Enduement for Service and the Conditions
12.14 - The Awakened Sense of Need
12.15 - The Obstacles to the Baptism of the Spirit
12.16 - Why Delay in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost
12.17 - The Speaking in Tongues
12.18 - The Objectives of the Truths About the Powers of Darkness
12.19 - Why God Permits Satan's Attacks
12.20 - Satan's Victims Made Victors
12.21 - The Name of the Calvary Victor and Its Power
Chapter 11. War Upon the Powers of Darkness π Addendum
Table of Contents π Topical Index
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