5. Two Kinds of Spirits

Opening Spiritual Eyes
David Williams

There are good and evil spirits. Let’s go deeper and investigate the nature of both. It took some time before early Bible scholars came to realize that the name of the Holy Spirit is “Love.” Love is good, so we can aptly name God’s Spirit as “Love.” Even in us, love loves to be expressed, shown openly. Our spirit of love was designed to rule us in righteousness and wisdom, no matter the cost.

But the spirit of Satan has kept its name hidden from the very beginning. It does not like to be seen openly, or expressed. We can determine its name by a quick study in Genesis. One minute, there stood Adam and Eve before God, naked and unashamed. The next minute, they stood covering their shame, no longer able to face God without a covering to hide their physical “shame,” but also used self justification for their fall in order to hide their emotional shame. Type and shadow. Both the visible and invisible are shown. Carnal and spiritual.

Think of it. Everything God had created in them was still there, but corruption had been added. See here that shame was the corruption, and that “shame” is the name of Satan’s spirit. Shame speaks of being rejectable, and Satan had fallen from being loved to being rejected by God, the ultimate fall. It has since been the program of Satan to instill his spirit in each of us, making us more like him than like God. And in so doing, to deceive us into not even knowing we have his spirit hidden in us.

Shame is the opposite of love, and since Jesus is Love, that means shame is the spirit of Antichrist, and it dwells in each of us. We will show how this came to be.

Satan does not want us to know exactly where to focus for all the evil we have in this world. It is time we found out and destroyed his weapon. This, rather than to focus on shame’s symptoms of hate, strife, envy, and such, and miss the real mark. This is so obvious that we missed seeing it for all these centuries. Yes, shame was even the cause of the iniquity we pointed out in Joseph and Job in an earlier chapter. Let’s connect iniquity and shame by showing how it entered each and every one of us.

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