80. Tithing

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Lk. 14:33

The giving of ten percent isn’t the ultimate example of giving in the original New Testament Church. They gave everything; and failure to do so cost Ananias and Sapphira their lives.

Contemporary tithing is equated with spirituality in a believer; however, tithing to fulfill a doctrine or command of a local congregation neither proves nor provides a standard of spirituality in a believer.

The Pharisees, who specialized in tithing and reminded others of their tithing, were obnoxious to Jesus because their hearts weren’t right. They gave tithe of their possessions, but failed to show mercy or compassion to the oppressed of society, which can only be generated in a heart that was broken and contrite before God.

Can we tithe our time in compassion to the many suffering from various addictions in our locality, by cleaning their homes of filth and vomit, yet loving them into the Kingdom of God by our love for sinners – or is this kind of tithing revolting to us? Or are we saying “this situation has nothing to do with me”? Any Christian with this attitude is of no use to God.

A precious black lady, living in a ghetto environment, was questioned by other Christians about her duty to tithe. Her answer was, “I am so busy getting food, old clothing and used appliances to the needy and helping the sick that when I get home late at night I don’t have anything left to tithe.”

As Christians we are expected not to give ten percent, but to give everything. “…So likewise whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple.” ( Lk. 14:33; top )

It is not how much we give that is the test of our Christianity, but how much we do not give.

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The End Time Men

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