109. Poor, Maimed, Lame and the Blind

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Num. 14:10 π Num. 14:23 π Num. 14:40-45 π Lk. 14:21 π Lk. 14:23-24 π Lk. 14:33

“And the Lord said unto the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come so that my house may be filled. For I say unto you that none of those men who were invited (and didn’t accept the invitation) shall taste of my supper.” ( Lk. 14:23-24; top )

“So likewise, anyone who does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple.” ( Lk. 14:33; top )

The end-time call of God is going out for totally yielded vessels to produce through obedience to the Spirit of truth a full house for the Lord.

However, as the Spirit of truth tries to guide vessels into all the truth, He runs into partially committed Christians, whose hearts are not desirous of forsaking all things to the Lord, so the house of the Lord can be filled; these partially surrendered ones are often offended and contentious.

These also contended that the Body of Christ should be united, at peace and in harmony; however, a divided heart can never be at total harmony with the Lord, therefore not at peace with the body. It is total futility to agree just to agree to produce a counterfeit unity. God wants all of His children to come out in a total redemptory walk with Him.

All this is similar to Joshua’s and Caleb’s good report that was put down by the ten other spies, and also the people of Israel. But Joshua and Caleb didn’t agree with the rest just to produce an ersatz unity.

These two men knew that the Lord wanted Israel to possess the land, and the Lord vindicated them, as they were the only ones present at that time that made it into Canaan land. The rest all died in the wilderness because of their stubbornness.

Even though the majority of the people agreed with the ten spies, Caleb and Joshua stood before the rebellious crowd and repeated that they felt the Lord would give them the land, the crowd responded with threats to stone Joshua and Caleb and said, “Let’s go back to Egypt.” ( Num. 14:10; top )

The presence of the Lord in the Tabernacle hushed the raging crowd as God told them they would never enter Canaan but would be consumed in the wilderness. ( Num. 14:23; top ) What a terrible price to pay for failing to trust God.

The next day the disappointed Israelites, realizing they had made a mistake, decided to go up and capture the promised land anyway, but it was too late. Moses told them not to go because God wasn’t in it. They went anyway and were soundly defeated and didn’t even win the first skirmish. ( Num. 14:40-45; top )

The end-days are going to see something very comparable to this, as many good Christians refuse to forsake everything to produce a body without spot or blemish; the spirit that will rule the end time body will be void of pride, self-will and insubordination to God’s perfect will; this will be just the grass roots people, ruled by the humility and compassion of Him who is the head of the body, Jesus Himself!

When those that didn’t want to obey God and possess the land see the poor, the maimed, the uncultured, the lame and the blind entering to fill God’s house, they will strive to enter in, but it will be too late! ( Lk. 14:21; top )

God be merciful!

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The End Time Men

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