A Prayer Request

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I pray, LORD God of heaven, O great and awesome God, You who keep covenant and mercy with those who love You and obey Your commands, [1] because of Your great love and grace You have given to us – certainly we have no merit of our own by which we might demand or even request anything from your hand! – I ask You, O God, to return to this planet and rule as King of kings and Lord of lords. [2]

Those who destroy the world You created have little left to destroy and exploit. [3] Those who use the money system of this world to practice wickedness and greed have all but closed off the avenues where one can have life and liberty [4] while pursuing the works You have foreordained for us to do. [5]

Even this nation – founded on the notion of pursuing You according to one’s own conscience – has used its liberty and wealth to comfort, pamper and exalt our flesh. [6] We have succumbed to a lying spirit and sought to become an empire [7] – we have succeeded only in becoming a dragon while we still speak like a lamb. [8] We have oppressed the poor and enslaved our own working class citizens to make a few wealthy men still wealthier, all because we lost sight of what a danger that wealth and its pursuit can be. [9]

In truth, we lost sight of You, O God. Being men, we could never look upon Your face and live. [10] But even though You sent Your Son to be the express image of all that You are [11] and You continually, by Your Spirit, place before us opportunities to grow into ever greater conformity to His likeness, [12] we have placed worthless idols before our eyes [13] and set our hands to useless wastes of time that keep us from knowing You and doing Your will. [14]

For all this and much, much more, O God of heaven and earth, we who know Your name and the beauty of Your love do not ask for mercy and grace to restore our nation or to give us more time to demonstrate the wickedness which we, mankind, are capable of. We have proven our depravity and we have proven that Your love, mercy and grace are the best proof that You are transcendent far above human nature – there is nothing within us to love or even admire, yet You love us still. [15]

There is no remedy left to us but for You, Lord Jesus Christ, to come and establish Your never-ending kingdom over all dominions. [16] We cannot prepare this world for Your return nor bring in some large harvest for You – we cannot even occupy what lands that were given to us by Your acts of kindness, grace and mercy. [17] We require You, our faithful Husband and righteous King, to come for Your bride, as unworthy as we may be.

Stir our hearts, O Lord and King, so that, however long You in Your wisdom and foresight may delay Your return, we will no longer be found among those who slumber upon Your truths [18] nor found among those who claim to belong to You while they indulge their flesh in whatever ways they prefer and desire. [19]

Enable us to follow You, O Lamb of God, wherever You should lead us. [20] Enable us to truly be purified of all filthiness of flesh and spirit that we may indeed be Your sons and daughters and inherit Your promises. [21] Show us how our flesh has craftily resurrected itself in subtle and sly ways [22] and show us every devious scheme of the enemy of our souls whereby he has implanted some hook in us that would draw us away from You, our Lord and God. [23] Set us free to do Your will, O God. Show us where we have failed to enter into the cross of Christ [24] and where we have carelessly set down our cross [25] and failed to follow after Him who is our death, resurrection and eternal life. [26]

Grant us these desires of our heart, O Lord, the desires which You, when You gave us new life from above, implanted in the deepest parts of our spirit and soul, [27] reserved for this day when those desires for You can no longer be restrained but must come forth and be satisfied.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus. [28] Come quickly to us to comfort and sustain our troubled and shaken souls [29] – and come quickly to claim the kingdoms of this world as Your own. [30] Come quickly! Amen. [31]

Scriptures and Insights Relied Upon for This Prayer:
          (Follow the Scripture links to study the Scriptures for yourself.)
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