Persevere, Diligence – proskartereo – [4342]

Pronounced: pros-kar-ter-eh'-o

From pros [4314] and kartereo [2594]; to be earnest towards, that is, (to a thing) to persevere, be constantly diligent, or (in a place) to attend assiduously all the exercises, or (to a person) to adhere closely to (as a servitor).

Occurs 10 times in 10 verses.

Exhaustive List of Scriptures That Contain This Word:

Entries following the reference are those used in the New Testament - Greek/English/Strong’s Interlinear.

  1. Mk. 3:9
  2. Acts 1:14
  3. Acts 2:42
  4. Acts 2:46
  5. Acts 6:4
  6. Acts 8:13
  7. Acts 10:7
  8. Rom. 12:12
  9. Rom. 13:6
  10. Col. 4:2

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