2.15 The Power Of Evil Spirits Over Human Bodies


Chapter 2: The Satanic Confederacy of Wicked Spirits

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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1 Sam. 16:23 π Mt. 8:28 π Mt. 12:24 π Mt. 12:27 π Mk. 1:23 π Mk. 5:4 π Mk. 5:5; 2nd π Mk. 7:25 π Mk. 9:17 π Lk. 8:2 π Lk. 8:29 π Lk. 9:39 π Lk. 9:42 π Acts 19:13-15

The control of the spirits over the bodies of those they possess is seen in the gospel cases. The man with the legion was not master over his own body or mind. The spirits would "seize him," "drive him" ( Lk. 8:29 ), compel him to cut himself with stones ( Mk. 5:5 ), strengthen him to burst every fetter and chain (v. 4 ), "cry out" aloud (v. 5 ), and fiercely attack others. ( Mt. 8:28 ) The boy with the dumb spirit would be dashed to the ground ( Lk. 9:42 ), and convulsed; the spirit forced him to cry out, and tore him, so that the body became bruised and sore. (v. 39 ) Teeth, tongue, vocal organs, ears, eyes, nerves, muscles and breath, are seen to be affected and interfered with, by evil spirits in possession. Weakness and strength are both produced by their working, and men ( Mk. 1:23 ), women ( Lk. 8:2 ), boys ( Mk. 9:17 ), and girls ( Mk. 7:25; top ), are equally open to their power.

That the Jews were familiar with the fact of evil spirit possession, is clear from their words, when they saw the Lord Christ cast out the blind and dumb spirit from a man ( Mt. 12:24 ) Also that there were men among them who knew some method of dealing with such cases. (v. 27 - ) "By whom do your sons cast them out?" said the Lord. That such dealing with evil spirits was not effective, may be gathered from some instances given, where it appears that alleviation of the sufferings from evil spirit possession, was the most that could be done; e.g.

1) the case of king Saul, who was soothed by the harp playing of David; ( 1 Sam. 16:23 )

2) the sons of Sceva, who were professional exorcists, yet who recognized a power in the Name of Jesus which their exorcism did not possess. ( Acts 19:13-15; top )

In both these cases the danger of attempted alleviation and exorcism, and the power of the evil spirits, is strikingly shown in contrast to the complete command manifested by Christ and His Apostles. David playing to Saul is suddenly aware of the javelin flung by the hand of the man he was seeking to soothe; and the sons of Sceva found the evil spirits upon them, and mastering them as they used the Name of Jesus, without the Divine co-working given to all who exercise personal faith in Him. Among the heathen, also, who know the venom of these wicked spirits, propitiation and soothing of their hate by obedience to them, is the most that they know.

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[2.16] The Exorcism of Evil Spirits Contrasted With Christ's Power of Word
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