6.27 The Detection of Visions from God or Satan


Chapter 6: Counterfeits of the Divine

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Isa. 6:10 π Isa. 53:10 π Lk. 12:32 π Jn. 3:3 π Jn. 3:5 π Jn. 12:24 π 1 Cor. 4:9-13 π 1 Tim. 4:1-3 π 1 Tim. 6:20

Apart from the "visions" which are the result of disease, the detection of Divine from Satanic visions depends a great deal upon knowledge of the Word of God, and the fundamental principles of His working in His children. These may be briefly stated thus:

1) That no supernatural "vision" in any form, can be taken as of God, which requires a condition of mental non-action, or comes whilst the believer is in such a condition.

2) That all the Holy Spirit's enlightening and illuminating vision is given when the mind is in full use, and every faculty awake to understand; i.e., the very opposite condition to that required by the working of evil spirits.

3) That all which is of God, is in harmony with the laws of God's working as set forth in the Scriptures, e.g., "World-wide movements" by which multitudes are to be gathered in, are not in accord with the laws of the growth of the Church of Christ as shown in

1) the grain of wheat ( Jn. 12:24 );

2) the law of the Cross of Christ ( Isa. 53:10 );

3) the experience of Christ;

4) the experience of Paul ( 1 Cor. 4:9-13 );

5) the "little flock" of Luke 12:32 ;

6) the foreshadowed end of the dispensation given in 1 Tim. 4:1-3 ; 6:20 . (top)

Many a believer has left his path of "grain of wheat multiplication," caught by a vision of "world-wide" sweeping in of souls, given by Satan, whose malignant hatred, and ceaseless antagonism is directed against the true seed of Jesus Christ , which in union with Him, will bruise the serpent's head. To delay the birth, ( Jn. 3:3 , 5 ), and growth of the Holy Seed ( Isa. 6:10; top ), is the devil's aim. To this end he will foster any widespread surface work of the believer, knowing it will not really touch his kingdom, nor hasten the full birth into the Throne-life of the conquering seed of Christ.

The safe path for believers at the close of the age is one of tenacious faith in the written Word as the sword of the Spirit, to cut the way through all the interferences and tactics of the forces of darkness, to the end.

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