115. Balaamís Way

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Num. 31:16 π Eph. 5:27 π 2 Tim. 2:6 π Heb. 12:14 π 2 Pet. 2:3 π 2 Pet. 2:17 π 2 Pet. 2:18-19 π Jude 11-12 π Jude 12 π Rev. 2:14

In the book of Second Peter, the second chapter, we are shown the attributes of apostate teachers: head strong, self-willed, self-sufficient, posing as Godly men, however they are committed to personal gain and coveting of gifts for their services.

Our present, end-time generation also has its apostate teachers, comparable to Balaam. Balaam was a prophet of God at one time, but forsook Godís way for his own self-willed way; by the love of wages of unrighteousness and by the coveting of gifts of money from King Balak, plus his stubbornness of going with Balak in spite of Godís command. (see Num. 22-24)

In order to meet Jesus via the rapture requires a church without spot or wrinkle, for without holiness no man shall see the Lord. (see Eph. 5:27 , Heb. 12:14; top ) This requires many potential Balaams to die to their self-will and become a partaker of the fruits of Godís character so they can help serve and implement a body of Christ worthy and able to meet the Lord in the air.

Many false teachers (clouds without water Ė 2 Pet. 2:17 , also see Jude 12 ) promise people liberty from the condemnation of sinful lusts, but they themselves are not free from them and are ruled by their own self-life and therefore end up hurting those that would escape evil ways. ( 2 Pet. 2:18-19; top )

ďThe hard-working farmer must be first to partake of the crops.Ē ( 2 Tim. 2:6; top ), however our present-day Christian standards for one laboring in Godís vineyard includes how to gain respectability and how to use promotional ploys for the purpose of raising money.

Balaamís reluctance and stubbornness, which kept him from obeying God, was in direct proportion to his desire to gain notoriety and money. ( Jude 11-12 , Rev. 2:14 , Num. 31:16; top )

ďAnd through covetousness shall they, with deceptive words, will make merchandise of you; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber.Ē ( 2 Pet. 2:3; top )

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The End Time Men

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