Death in the Living Room

It’s Not Just in the “Church” Anymore!

Neil Girrard

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Greek Words Mentioned in This Article
Heresies, sectshairesis – [139] π Divisions, Dissensionsdichostasia – [1370] π Public Servant, Administratorleitourgos – [3011]

I’ve lost track of who said this but it remains a truth regarding “church” nonetheless: “Death in the living room is no different than death in the institution.” It is also a truth that the genuine way of following Christ, especially in the U.S., has fallen into affluent, middle-class hands who no longer believe “it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven” ( Mt. 19:23 ) or that things that are impossible with men are only possible through God. ( Lk. 18:27 ) True Christianity must be rescued from these hands that have been given over to the service and worship of mammon (see Mt. 6:24 ) and restored to the hands of the spiritually and godly poor to whom the kingdom of God truly belongs. ( Mt. 5:3; top )

The “church” paradigm is a subtle, multi-layered, multi-dimensional snare carefully woven by the enemy of our souls over the course of many centuries. This “religious” snare is interwoven with other deceptive snares constructed in the context of government, culture, career, education, family life, entertainment, even science and technology. Each and every one of these deceptions, when received as truth, have the potential to open a “door” of influence for the enemy of our souls to enter into our midst and begin his work of deception, distortion, diversion and division. The one who administers death in the living room (or in the “church”) does so not so much by conscious choice but by having been captured, in varying degrees, ways and extents, by the enemy to do his will. ( 2 Tim. 2:26 , etc.; top) If we knew we were believing a lie or that we were doing the will of Satan, we simply would not do so – and Satan’s schemes against us would not be as effective and pervasive as they have been. Those who doubt Satan’s effectiveness and give more credit for the growing darkness in this world to the sheer stupidity and mere blindness of men should truly consider how widespread and how deep the “church” deceptions go, if they themselves really know how deep that “rabbit hole” goes!

While we certainly cannot change the whole of churchianity, by what means can we know whether the group we are attending or gathering with is truly administering life or administering death? What will be the telltale signs that will tell us the nature of what we’re stepping into?

This list may not be exhaustive but it represents enough of a place to start that we could see major changes in the way we live and gather in the name of Christ if we would simply hear and obey what the Spirit is saying to His people.

But if the group we are involved with stubbornly refuses to extinguish all forms of wickedness from our midst, we would be wise to run and not walk to the nearest exit. It is better to live alone in the wilderness obeying the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ (actually obeying Him and not using the disobedience of others as an excuse for our own lawlessness (what is right in our own eyes) rather than to practice the slow death of always hearing and talking about God and Jesus but never getting around to actually doing what He has commanded. Subtle disobedience to Christ and God can be practiced as easily in the living room as it can in the “church” and the fruit of this disobedience, death, is available to any and all who will partake – it makes no difference where we sit if we are passively waiting for other men to do to us and for us what we will not do for ourselves.

Let he who has ears hear.

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