Making America Great Again: A Review

Neil Girrard
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Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from David N. Moore, Making America Great Again, Crowdscribed, 2017

David Moore’s Making America Great Again is best described as a major disappointment. Though he recognizes “enormous blind spots” in others (p. 51), he fails to recognize his own blind spots. There are several exposed in his book that for Moore’s sake need to be examined some time soon but let’s skip to the main point of the book.

Moore writes:

To those who want to make America great again, my question is: What year would that be? Do you want to go back to Manifest Destiny, or to the era when the U.S. launched a wicked war against Mexico? Or maybe to Reconstruction, or to when women didn’t have the right to vote? Do you want to go back to when workers couldn’t unionize? Maybe you want to go back to Jim Crow? (p. 109)

How about 1776 when a white man wrote and all thirteen predominantly white colonies unanimously ratified what was written, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” Sure, the practice has never yet fully matched the words and much progress is yet to be made – but that same accusation can be leveled at any and every man, woman and child, including Moore, who strive toward a higher way of life, just as it can be made against America who has been at times run by corrupted, fallen men and at other times by godly, righteous men, just as Israel and Judah were alternately ruled by wicked and godly kings.

How about 1787? Forty-two men (when the population of America was only 4 million) met to frame a constitution that secured the rights of the people to govern themselves, free from tyrannical despotism that ignored the wishes and needs of the people. “We the people…” was a radical, even “rebellious” concept in the 1700s! The U.S. Constitution is the oldest and shortest written constitution of any major government in the world and it has been drawn from by many other countries around the world for their constitutions. This document is the single-most source responsible for what good has been done in America and it is this document that Obama tried to eradicate and circumvent. But it is no real surprise to those with spiritual ears and eyes to come to realize that America, even with its good roots and attributes, will ultimately prove to be only a nation that looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon ( Rev. 13:11; top ) even as it remains true that America will abandon even the appearance of a “Christian nation” and take on more of the attributes of the dragon in direct proportion to its departures from the words and ways of the Lamb! The process toward decay will only increase if we abandon and completely forget the great moments of America’s history. The question we each need to answer (with God’s help) is are we really part of the lamb or part of the dragon?

How about 1861-65? Thousands of men marched to war to bring liberty to black men and to end slavery. Sure, there were other motives at work but the call to liberty (which is an indicator of the presence and work of the Spirit of God – 2 Cor. 3:17; top ) was the largest factor at work leading men to lay down their lives for others. Moore, as a black African American, should especially be grateful to those (whites and blacks) who gave their lives for what liberty he now enjoys! Where would he and the entire Civil Rights movement of the 60s be now if those thousands hadn’t responded to the call that cost them their lives?

How about 1941-44? Thousands of men (of all “races” – some of whom, especially Japanese, were persecuted in spite of their American loyalties!) marched to war, indeed all of America mobilized for war, to preserve liberty by keeping the world out of the hands of insane, power-hungry dictators. Certainly there were other motives at work but the call to preserve liberty was still the prominent factor at work as hundreds of thousands literally sacrificed their lives for the ongoing liberty of others. The U.S. did not war for territory but rather for liberty and rebuilt the world and restored previous boundaries. That is an attribute of greatness. And again, Moore, as well as people of all colors, should be especially grateful to those who sacrificed all – there was not any place for color of any kind in either the Germanic or Japanese vision of the future!

One cannot realistically deny Moore’s list any more than one can realistically deny the moments when America reached with greater accuracy and ability toward her higher calling. One cannot change America from its ideal that all men are created equal and still have America. White supremacy is as evil and nauseating as is black supremacy or brown supremacy or Nazi supremacy or whatever other religious or racial or idealistic or economic elitism there may be. For better or worse, America has always been ruled by majority rule tempered by the legal restraints and constraints of the Constitution. As America transitions from a multi-colored majority that drew the majority of its beliefs from the Bible to a multi-colored majority that draws its beliefs from various other sources, the result will only be a further departure from God and His ways and truth. America will not improve but will instead worsen – and quickly. Moore’s book simply plays into the hands of the elitists who seek to completely change the reality of America’s greatness so that they might seize power to inflict their misguided vision of utopia on the U.S. and the world. An all-powerful, unaccountable government was precisely what the founding fathers feared most and is precisely what the elitists are trying to achieve.

Moore’s book takes a stab at something that is difficult to understand, let alone correct. That is, where there is a collective guilt upon a people, it is both an influence and a handicap that must be overcome. That is, upon the people of the U.S. there is a collective guilt for the slavery inflicted on African Americans (a debt paid in blood during the Civil War), for the genocide inflicted on Native Americans (a debt not yet fully paid) and for the genocide inflicted on unborn, defenseless children and labeled as protection of privacy and freedom of choice (a debt not even yet fully addressed!) But how does an individual come to terms with this collective guilt, especially in their dealings with someone who is a descendant or participant from these other groups? It will never bring life or health to attempt to build any relationship apart from acknowledging this guilt.

Yet it is also true that wherever there was collective guilt, there were always those who opposed the evil choices being made. So the seeds and roots of both good and evil are found in our collective history and these offer us a way to learn from the foolishness and the wisdom, the good and the evil, that has gone before us without having to labor under that guilt because it lies unaddressed and festering in the dark recesses of our soul.

Moore’s book is unfortunately an uncertain call for those who spiritually seek God apart from the racially-bigoted, institutional “white” “Christian” “church” system he speaks against. And his book really has little to say to those who have long since departed from that deception. Calvinism and racism are not the worst problems plaguing those who truly follow Christ though they are indeed tools of destruction in the arena Moore is addressing. Satan is far more than the hidden, driving force in this worldly “white” “church” system that reinforces the bigotries and hatreds of this world. Satan and his minions are the ones who deceive men like Moore into taking the very positions of power (that of “church” “pastor” - an unscriptural position) that they see as damaging and destructive in the lives of others but not in themselves. At times, it is tempting to simply dismiss Moore as merely one who only wants the power for himself and for those who think and act like him but that is too simplistic a description. Self is still the worst problem because it can be manipulated and controlled by deception into participating in movements that seem right in their own eyes – but only Christ progressively delivers us from the fallen nature and thus from the power Satan uses to deceive the masses.

Moore’s dismissal of Trump is sad. Moore would be offended if anyone dismissed him (or Obama or Hillary) the way he dismisses Trump and the so-called Religious Right (which is less of a reality and more of a convenient label for some to inaccurately attempt to explain away the views and voting tendencies of those who seek to follow Christ however imperfectly.) If one watched the primaries with spiritual discernment, it was evident that Trump had some kind of real encounter with God. God has placed Trump in the presidency and his stand against the rabid, liberal, deceit- and hate-filled collectivists (who stand in stark contrast to what godly attributes were incorporated in America’s Constitution) has earned him a lot of respect, even from those who didn’t vote for him. Moore’s book will simply give those who practice hatred against Trump a “Christian” way to practice their hatred in spite of Moore’s assurance that he doesn’t hate anyone and doesn’t want anyone to practice hate. And it will give aid to the elitists who seek power and who don’t care at whose expense they gain it.

Simply put, Black Lives Matter is short sighted and misguided. All lives matter no matter what the skin color. In truth, there is only one race – the human race! Any life, no matter what color the wrapper it comes in, if it is lived apart from Christ, will always be attended with evil and hatred because Christ alone is the Creator/God who brings light, love, truth and real inward beauty. ( Jn. 14:6 ) Moore can recognize that Manifest Destiny, a widespread belief that in its day captivated even many “Christian” devotees, was a devastating deception (that had parallel beliefs in many other countries as well and was not an exclusively American philosophy) but can he recognize that Black Lives Matter is doing a similar disservice to all people? Successful corporate Christian life in America is not a matter of preserving one’s “ethnic diversity” (though in America one is free to do that to the extent that it does not affect, alter or impact the foundations of what America is and must remain to still be America) nor is it a matter of preserving one’s confusion about one’s gender (God created them male and female – Gen. 1:27; top – and He is not confused about which is which.) No, the real life in Christ is about losing one’s fallen self so as to be enabled to thus find one’s God-created self, re-made in the likeness of Christ, so that we can truly love one another with the same love Christ showed for us.

When we truly love one another in this way – no matter what our differences – then and only then will the world know that we are His disciples. ( Jn. 13:35 ) Only when we are united in this love for God and for all of our fellow human beings will the world be able to see that Christ came from the Father in heaven. ( Jn. 17:21; top ) While we focus only on our superficial differences, there is no chance the world will come to know Christ in any real way. The fault is ours and we will not be able to blame anyone else.

If the only passion we have is an angry passion to end racial hatred, we have lost our first love for Christ, very similar to the way those who have only a passion to rescue babies from being murdered in an abortion clinic have often lost their first love for Christ. But if we have a genuine passion for the authentic Christ, we will have a burning hatred for all racial or class injustice and against all carnal elitism. But it will be tempered and wrapped up in our burning love for Him who died to set us all free from those things and it will bring life and not death.

Let he who has ears hear.

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