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  1. The Larger Life; A Larger Christian Life - A.B. Simpson This writing from almost a hundred years ago still speaks to the growing Christian's need today for an enlarged heart and life.

  2. The Last Enemy - Neil Girrard The people of Christ are engaged in a life or death struggle – but few seem to know which one is which.

  3. The Last of the Apostles Chosen to Transmit the Revelation; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Whatever the reason of the delay, it is striking that it was the last of the Apostles who was chosen to transmit, at the very end of his life, the full war- message to the Church, which would serve as a foreshadowing of the campaign until its close.

  4. Last of the Ninth; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer A parable of a contest going on between the Christians and the forces of evil for the championship of the entire world.

  5. 1. The Latent Power of the Soul; The Latent Power of the Soul - Watchman Nee A message concerning spiritual warfare and its relation to the end of this age.

  6. The Law; Opening Spiritual Eyes - David L. Williams Jesus said He fulfilled the Law, that He no longer needed the Law, that He was the Way, and that He wants us to follow that Way.

  7. The Law of God - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) We may not be able to exhaust every possible answer to the question of why God instituted the system of blood sacrifices and offerings we find in the Old Testament, but the mains ones we do find in the Bible provide strong encouragement, great comfort and dire warning!

  8. Lawlessness That Abounds Bible Bullet: Matthew 24:12 - Neil Girrard The simple mistranslation of one Greek word may be responsible for much misunderstanding of our responsibilities before God.

  9. Leadership and UnityNeil Girrard Leadership is more often the source of division that destroys our unity in Christ.

  10. Leadership’s Prime Directive Bible Bullet: John 3:30 - Neil Girrard True leaders in the body of Christ must know that He – and not themselves – are the destination to which all must travel.

  11. Leave Them Alone; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Jesus did not perform the role of a divine counselor while He was on earth.

  12. Leaving “Church” Behind; To Follow Jesus in Spirit and TruthNeil Girrard (also on Paidion Books Home Page) If you're seeing discrepancies and differences between the New Testament and “church” - and not just your “church” but “church” practices in general - you are not alone by any means.

  13. Legalism; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Christians will undergo many painful sacrifices rather than take a place of utter helplessness and worthlessness before God.

  14. Legalism and Tradition; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard Legalism and its twin, tradition, are some of the most insidious deceptions afoot.

  15. The Lie Called RevivalNeil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) “Revivals” are popular at many “churches” and everyone seems to think everyone needs “revived” – but what is the truth?

  16. 1. Life and Consciousness; The Body of Christ: A Reality - Watchman Nee Although we cannot take hold of such divine life and show it to ourselves or to other people, we nonetheless know we have this new life because there is within us an altogether new consciousness.

  17. The Life Full of Contradiction; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The life becomes increasingly full of contradictions.

  18. The Light of Life - Neil Girrard Jesus is not only saying that His followers must forsake darkness in all its forms, He is also clarifying something about the nature of His life and light.

  19. Light on “Abnormal” Experiences; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Extract from a book published in Germany.

  20. Like a Flood - Neil Girrard Truth is not an option in the believer’s life - a prophecy by Isaiah sheds light on the coming apostasy.

  21. Living Sacrifices; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Contemporary Christians rarely give up things in order to live the scripturally required living of a sacrificed life. They try to get more things, thinking gain is Godliness.

  22. Living Truth - Neil Girrard Lawlessness (doing what is right in one’s own eyes) has many subtle ways of diverting us from Christ.

  23. The Local Church in the Time of Apostasy - Neil Girrard An examination of how Watchman Nee’s teachings in The Normal Christian Church Life, chapter 5, are to be viewed in the context of today’s ultra-denominationalism.

  24. The Location of God by Believers; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The believer begins to pray to God as if He were within him, which in time, really results in prayer to evil spirits, if they succeed in gaining admittance under counterfeit.

  25. The Lone Ranger Christian Bible Bullet: Proverbs 18:1 - Neil Girrard “Lone ranger Christians” are different from what the “church” labels as such – and they are more prevalent than most realize.

  26. Long Suffering; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer It is wrong to look for suffering; however, following God’s way for our lives very likely may involve some suffering.

  27. Lopsided Theology - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) If there is any word that might come closest to describing everyone’s ideas about Christ and God in this time and season, it would be the word “lopsided.”

  28. The Lord’s Attitude to and Recognition of Satan; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The Lord was always ready to meet the antagonist whom He had foiled in the wilderness.

  29. II: The Lords of Darkness; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard The rulers of darkness’ modus operandi, their usual method of operation is, wherever there is misbelief, faith misplaced onto a lie, to build upon that misbelief using deception until that person dies in their sin.

  30. The Lord's Work and Way - Neil Girrard What will the Lord provide when He wants to restore a right relationship between the rich and the poor of His people?

  31. The Lost Power of Words - Neil Girrard The changing vocabulary of the body of Christ is not just passing fads and changing trends - it is a cause for alarm.

  32. Love Ourselves?; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer We are not going to love like Jesus loves by loving ourselves.

  33. Loving Truth; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard There may be no more important attitude than the love of truth for those who will be alive at the end of the age when Christ returns.

  34. 9. Loyalty and Freedom in a United Church; The Unfinished Reformation - An Analysis - Neil Girrard Morrison was a man of depth - but he also demonstrated a spiritual schizophrenia.

  35. Luther Quit Too Soon, The Open Church - Gene Edwards, James Rutz The Reformation was made possible by one man - the credit goes to Frederick the Wise, without whom Dr. Luther would have been turned into a little pile of carbon by age 34, if not earlier.

  36. Luxury; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer The only luxury that Moses, Elijah and Elisha had was talking to God.
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