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  1. The Rage And Wickedness Of Evil Spirits; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis When evil spirits act in a rage, they act as a combination of the maddest, and most wicked persons in existence, but all their evil is done with fullest intelligence, and purpose.

  2. Real Life, Real Love Bible Bullet: 1 John 3:16 - Neil Girrard Unless we lay our lives down for our brothers and sisters, meetings – even home fellowship – will always devolve into just another form of “church.”

  3. Rebellion; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer Anything we put ahead of God is idolatry and rebellion.

  4. The Reception of the Gift of the Holy Spirit; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The reception of the Holy Spirit in its initial form requires certain conditions which the believer should be able to quickly and simply fulfill.

  5. Reconciled Then Saved Bible Bullet: Romans 5:10 - Neil Girrard We are not saved by our works but how are we to be saved unless we obey?

  6. Reform Is Not an Option - Neil Girrard The “church” needs changed but will it submit to what is really needed?

  7. Refusal an Aggressive Weapon in Conflict; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis In the hour of conflict, when the forces of darkness are pressing upon the believer, the expression of his active refusal becomes an aggressive warfare upon them, as well as a defensive weapon.

  8. The Refusal of All Ground; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Refusing all ground, and getting rid of all ground, are two different things.

  9. The Refusal of Ground – Column 2; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Since there is POSSESSION BECAUSE OF GROUND GIVEN, there must be DIS-POSSESSION BECAUSE OF GROUND REFUSED to the enemy.

  10. The Refusal of the Workings of Evil Spirits; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The refusal of the workings of deceiving spirits in possession is necessary as well as the refusing of ground upon which they have obtained possession.

  11. Regaining the Normal; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Some practical ways of keeping the mind in its normal working condition.

  12. Rejoice; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer There are a multitude of Christians who, because they are not on a mission field, or they aren’t a radio or T.V. evangelist, or behind a pulpit, have been made to feel like second-class Christians. This ought not be so.

  13. The Relation of Fresh Ground Given, to the Victory in Conflict; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Freshly discovered "ground" given to deceiving spirits, means more deliverance from their power, and less footing for their possession.

  14. Religion - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Religion – as a word, as a concept and as a practice – cannot be rightly categorized apart from the adjectives and descriptive we attach to it.

  15. Repetitious Religious Futility; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer The Church world of today is ruled by the flesh (which is in opposition to the Spirit) because the Church of today has only a partially yielded heart.

  16. Responding to the Apostasy - Neil Girrard As the great falling away from the faith unfolds all around us, what response should we make?

  17. 14. The Responsibility of Leadership (Part 1); The “Church” Paradigm (a la Tozer) - Neil Girrard Tozer overlooks two details in his underlying premise and misses some obvious points about the Israelite’s rebellions.

  18. 15. The Responsibility of Leadership (Part 2); The “Church” Paradigm (a la Tozer) - Neil Girrard Here again Tozer tumbles down a slippery slope – a mistake he does not make often – and lands in a heap at the bottom.

  19. The Results in Experience When Delivered; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Instead of acceptance of the enemy’s workings, there is an established attitude of refusal; instead of a lie in the mind there is truth; instead of ignorance there is knowledge.

  20. Revival and War on Satan; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis REVIVAL MINUS WAR ON SATAN AND HIS WICKED SPIRITS, must always appear to end in partial failure through the mixed results, consequent upon Satanic counterfeits of the working of the Holy Spirit.

  21. Revival Dawn and the Baptism of the Spirit; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis The hour of Revival is a time of crisis and possible catastrophe.

  22. Revival Depends Upon True Understanding of the Baptism of the Spirit; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Revival is an OUTFLOW OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD THROUGH THE ORGAN OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT LIBERATED FOR HIS USE.

  23. Revival the Hour and Power of God; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis Revival is the hour and power of God, and of the devil, for the descent of the Divine power brings the accompanying onslaught of evil supernatural powers.

  24. Rich; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer We have often treated the Bible like a cafeteria by reading along and picking out those things that we like and those that appeal to one’s own sense of well being.

  25. The Right and Only Way - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) Is there such a thing as the right and only way – what is it?

  26. The Right Answer - Neil Girrard - ( in Adobe/pdf format ) How we answer the question “Who do you say that I am?” effects everything about how we will go about practicing the way of following Christ.

  27. The Risen Lord in the Midst of His People, and His Call to Victory; The Warfare With Satan and the Way of Victory - Jesse Penn-Lewis He Who had sent the Holy Spirit to lead His redeemed ones into all the truth, now sends to them the call from heaven to overcome!

  28. Ritualism and Hypocrisy; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard The ruler of false religion’s first (but by no means the last) great victory in the church age (that is, after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost) was convincing men they needed to hold regular meetings and practice rituals in the name of Christ.

  29. The Rock; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer A parable of a drowning man and the rock he discovers in the water in which he is drowning.

  30. Romans 10:17; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer If our desire is to be like Jesus, then our procedure ought to be one of following His greatest commandment, of seeking Him and the Father with our whole heart.

  31. The Rulers of the Darkness of This Age; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard To see how Jesus dealt with these lords of darkness, we must turn to John’s account of Jesus’ encounter with some Jews who asked Him who He was.

  32. A Rural Exodus - Review - Neil Girrard “Pastors” are exiting the rural Midwest faster than the population – why? And what does it show all of us?

  33. Ruthless Goddess - Neil Girrard A look at the power of pornography.
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