or, WHY ARE THE churches FAILING? (Mt. 23:34)

David L. Williams
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This article is not about salvation. It is about what could come after salvation. The Bible has many layers of depth. It’s like an onion that you peel layer by layer, each with deeper revelation than those before. We peel the first layer perhaps with our first read of the Bible, or hearing the Word. There are many deeper layers, if one wants to know them. But most find a shallow layer that is comfortable and stay there. Let’s give an example of deeper meaning in Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins; ( Mt. 25:1 and following; top)

In that parable, did you notice there was no allowing the foolish five to walk in another’s light to the wedding? Seeing this, we must come to the conclusion that each of us is to seek our own light. (Light in this case, being a synonym for personal revelation from God.) Remember, the Israelites tried to walk in Moses’ light, and floundered. The Narrow Path becomes too narrow to walk in another’s light. (More on this later.) There are so many more, deeper meanings waiting for those who will seek to find them. You could even see what the book of Jude has to do with the anti-christ. And yes, it does. Too, most serious Christians know that satan copies God. Then his trinity must be satan as father, the anti-christ as son. Then what is the name of his unholy spirit to make a trinity? You could know this, Biblically. Really!

I wonder about pastors omitting much of the Gospel, substituting entertainment instead. While it is obvious they have a real relationship with God and hear from Him what subject to preach, it still begs the question of why they would leave out important foundational details of HIS CHURCH? (upper case.) Obviously, it is the fear of man, in the form of being afraid the Gospel’s more serious truths would cause some to avoid their churches. (lower case.) This borders on being ashamed of the Gospel. But the question remains: Why do Bible teachers themselves not pursue the depths of God’s Word?

It is not only revelation that is missing from modern teaching from the Bible. But most important of all, seldom are the blood, Jesus’ suffering on the cross, the reasons He died for us, hell, Heavenly rewards, sin, iniquity, nor repentance, taught. All are among other important missing factors. Then there is Mark 16:17 , (RSV, KJ). Do the signs mentioned in that verse that identify Jesus’ followers, occur in your church? When did you last even hear in your church that there is an evil spirit world that is actively out to rob, kill, and destroy us? What do you do with, “We fight not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual darkness?” ( Eph. 6:12; top ) Has your church become a happy storytelling and rocking music club?

So why does God continue to allow shepherds to preach the fat-free milk? Would this not bring up a generation of sheep that only expect a fun life, not even knowing the expectations of Jesus for those who would follow Him? Do you leaders understand that your teaching will affect your own and your followers’ eternal reward? That each may have had a much greater reward in Heaven, had they been taught the things you might have left out for fear it might have scared some away? Did Jesus fear that? Did Paul? Do you? It is doubtful you can even know if you harbor that fear, and you could likely pass a lie detector test that you do not have this fear, it is subconsciously so well disguised and justified. A hidden selective blindness and deafness. Yes, you.

I believe that God has finally shown me the “whys” of this. First, He gave me the problem of understanding the distinction between “thinking” and “assuming.” This was not a quick study. God showed me that back when we were children, we established our ways of handling life. We went through many good and bad experiences, finding our way. We did not take criticism, punishment, and the accompanying shame well. So during the brooding after such an experience, we vowed that we would never let that happen again. And we also vowed to one day show “them” we are significant, after all. This, of course means our assumptions from then on will be based mostly on emotions established in our childhood, not fully on wisdom. These vows also settled what we would give and take from others in our life, altering very little in us even after becoming born again.

How we learned to deal with life back then set our foundation for our future. Most of us forget just how traumatic our youth was, how emotionally seriously we took hourly events. Nor do we remember how we learned to avoid shame at all costs, seeking ways to avoid ever again being humiliated. So our adult personality will have been formed by the devil’s main weapon, shame. In this, we developed a fear-based shield in ourselves to fend off considering certain things, even fresh revelation in the Bible. Because if it was suspected by peers that we think we know something they don’t, it could cause rejection, humiliation. This is the veil’s location, where we learned to justify and hide our decisions, even from ourselves. So God deals with each on the level we subconsciously choose, not knowing what we are missing. Thus, Bible teachers teach within God’s permissive will, not His perfect will.

Even as you are reading this, you are subconsciously assessing it. You probably feel a check in yourself and likely think it is a check in the Spirit. It is more likely you are feeling a check in your spirit of shame. This is what I mean by the shame spirit within, subconsciously avoiding things that may cause others to reject us, bringing us more shame. People ignore the meaning of Genesis 2 and 3, that the spirit of shame entered Adam and Eve, to be in all born thereafter. That is why this subject is so difficult to get across to even believers in Christ. Especially hard for those who have been taught in seminary traditions. And harder yet for those who have known this messenger in the past. As Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house.” ( Mt. 13:57; top ) I know this well. Very well.

(I go into those details Biblically and thoroughly in my books, “Opening Spiritual Eyes;” and “Walking With God,” ; both are available for free download or by email request at )

So, most of us stick with what our pastor says, and after all, he can tickle our ears with soft speaking. And just like the pastor, when a satisfied person hears another tell of a deeper revelation in the Word, it is automatically dismissed. The shame veil the devil helped us install does its job well. Even highly intelligent pastors and their theology professors do not know they have this fear barrier, and they do anything to even shut the mouth of a prophet to whom God has shown some fresh revelation. (Many who, as they read this article, are already feeling anger at me for bringing this up.) Prophets are disdained, shunned. By nature odd, prophets are conveniently classified with the ever present nutcases that attend churches. This, even though we are shown the prophetic is one of the New Testament gifts of the Spirit, imperfect as we are. Believe it or not, God still has His watchmen on the wall who know if they do not cry out at seeing the enemy’s tactics, their blood will be on the watchman’s hands. ( Ezek. 33:6; top )

Since most pastors do have a real relationship with God, they refuse to believe someone else may have a correcting word from God for them. So they stick with the level where God meets them, and will discourage a prophet from speaking. However, they may allow them a word of praise for God, assuming that only this is edifying the church. Paul would likely disagree with this. I believe that if John the Baptist showed up in modern garb and spoke out in a modern church, he too would be ostracized.

There are a few warnings in the New Testament about this, for it is part of the last days deception that Jesus warned us was coming. Jesus told us that the Holy Spirit will be within us to bring us ALL truth. He also told us there is a Narrow Gate that few will find. Most Christians assume that means few will find salvation. But what if it means few Christians will find this Narrow Gate? If this were not so, then why did Jesus often indicate for us to count the cost, if salvation is free?

Jesus showed us that His true followers would experience what He experienced. ( Jn. 15:18-22; top ) The cost. Have you been persecuted by religious leaders yet? Have you been put to death (spiritually) on the cross He told us to carry? Was your ministry cut off? Or have you instead become comfortable with teachers who preach the same old lukewarm milk messages (interspersed with jokes,) time after time with no fresh Bible revelation that is available from God? Yes, there is a terrible cost, but our choice, sub-conscious or not, determines our reward in Heaven. And at judgment, we will not be able to use Adam’s excuse by pointing our finger at the pastor God sent us. None of this is to say that our pastors and their followers are not saved from hell. That salvation is available to any who call upon the name of Jesus, having had the Father reveal whom Jesus really is. Unfortunately, many pastors unknowingly graft themselves in between the sheep and the Vine. Do you know if you follow a pastor, or Jesus?

The point is to see the difference between thinking and assuming. Assuming results from an accumulation of what we believed as children, and that is kept deeply hidden behind an inner curtain along with our childhood decisions on how to avoid shame. From that, we ASSUME we know something. But if we could go behind that veil by THINKING, we would find the reasons why we do not seek deep truths. The revelation is there, but if we do not pass through the real Narrow Gate, we will have kept ourselves from the Hard Path, missing the depths Jesus has for us. He could even show us our present life is spent with a subconscious motive to show “them” we are valuable, after all. Is the real motive for entertaining sermons more for a membership score and personal popularity, than for saving people from hell?

I did go through that Narrow Gate, and experienced what Jesus said I would. In short, in a then well-known large charismatic church, God showed me the woman He chose for my wife. We flirted, and it became obvious we were both very interested. Then suddenly, she began avoiding me. It was revealed to me that a church leader told her lies about me, causing her to fear me. He saw I had found him out, so he went to the other church leaders to get his version in place first. Meanwhile, a young man I had taken in and was discipling betrayed me for a price. I was put on trial on lies. There, my accuser had his say, and I saw I could easily expose two of his lies. But when it was my turn, the two pastors in charge kept interrupting me, not letting me finish a sentence. Then I heard Jesus say, ”David, close your mouth as I did at My trial.” I did, and was found guilty of the lies. They cut off my ministries there, spiritually crucifying me. (If you take the Path, you will find it especially designed for you, as mine was for me.)

Soon after that, the young disciple repented, and told a pastor that it was made up lies against me. (Not much later, the young disciple hung himself.) But they did not even say a word, let alone restore the ministries to me. Of course, the rest of the church leaders backed my accuser, never hearing my side. (Jesus came for His own, but because of religious leaders, they rejected Him.) I lost all but one friend. All this was an emotionally painful three and a half years, followed by three and a half years of pondering and seeing new depths in the Word I had never seen before. (Even so, I am still a sinner saved by grace, no better than anyone else.) But what I gained was far more valuable than if I had not gone the lonely and painful Way of Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. ( Jn. 14:6; top ) Few will find it, no matter how many times they themselves quote that verse. They don’t know what “The Way” really means.

May it be known, that seven year period was at once both the worst and best time of my life. As it proceeded, God was showing me evils going on behind the scenes in many churches. At first I was surprised when unbidden strangers walked up to me and told me of a hidden evil that happened to them in their churches. Then God told me that every Christian organization without exception had behind the scenes evil covered up in them. Leaders join together against any exposé, which often sends victims out into the wilderness. (A little leaven, leavens the whole loaf.) It took some time for me to believe that, but it did become obvious. This showed me more about the 99 and one. ( Mt. 18:12; top ) This is where Jesus showed that a good shepherd would leave the 99 and go out to find the one he had lost.

If you really went through the Narrow Gate, you would be amazed at how the struggle of the Israelites, as they crossed the wilderness to enter the Kingdom, is a “type” of the Narrow Path Jesus has for us to take to experience what He experienced. (Biblical type and shadow.) Do you honestly believe you have entered God’s Kingdom on earth yet, Jesus’ Sabbath rest? Or are you fooling yourself? At the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, will you be the Bride, or only a wedding guest? ( Mt. 22:10 ) Or worse yet, will you be sent into outer darkness? ( Mt. 22:13-14; top ) There are different rewards at judgment. Beware!

Most Bible teachers today do not know how to rightly divide the Word. ( 2 Tim. 2:15; top ) They assume “dividing” means, “understanding” the Word. Then why didn’t the Bible simply use the word, “understanding” here, if it meant that? But what if it really means, “divide?” Then what should be divided? Most pastors do not see that the Jews have their future destiny on earth, divided from Christians whose future destiny is in Heaven. This would mean then, choosing what was Biblically spoken to Jews is not necessarily meant for Christians, and vice-versa. Understanding how this fits into the Word would open up great revelation, for the first time seeing Bible truths that would end the many arguments about what is Law, and what is grace for the Christian. Including truth about the rapture, tithing, and offerings. Remember, Paul was chosen as our Christian Apostle of grace, not Law.

To those who will only believe what is expressly spelled out in the Word, I can only ask this: If demons were never mentioned in the Torah, how did the Scribes and Pharisees know so much about them? And note that Nicodemus was scolded by Jesus for being a teacher and not knowing about being born again, when that had never been mentioned in the Old Testament, either. God leaves it to us to fill in some blanks as the Holy Spirit shows us truth. This becomes even harder for those who only stay in context. They will miss seeing how each verse fits with every other verse in the Bible. An overall picture.

To sum it up, our shepherds and their teachers let subconscious pride, or fear of man’s rejection, or assumptions, or shame make them oblivious to deep calling them to deep. Is it any wonder the lack of discernment, and how easily people are taken in by huckster preachers? Is it any wonder that hardly any called by Christ’s name even know how close we are to the end of days? Is it any wonder that using loud rock and roll worship music to lure the youth, (copying the world,) has not only failed, but has caused many long time faithful members to move on? The young that had joined, enjoying the entertainment and loud music eventually drift away, as in time, the lack of substance dims the excitement of the entertainment. They never learn the fear of God, the real significant lasting substance of the Gospel.

Do you see a similar theme here to Jesus’ dealings with the Scribes and Pharisees, saying they were the blind leading the blind? Do you remember Jesus’ words on the cross, “Father forgive them, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.”? Do you really know what you are doing? Are you helping bring about a last days’ falling away? Can you expect Jesus to say, “Well done” at judgment, when you have not taught the full Gospel to those assigned to you? Have you parked in Haran as did Abram, stalling going to the goal, deep? Where in this article did you allow your veil to cover your eyes? You are in large company.

Permission is granted to copy and share this message…… David L. Williams ( Mt. 13:52; top )

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God bless you.

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