Summary of "Ground"



from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Summary of "Ground"

  1. Evil spirits must have ground: [3.7].
    1. Degree of ground for possession cannot be defined. [5.0].
    2. Ground can be deepened. pp. [5.1], [7.6].
    3. Cannot interfere with faculties unless ground given. [7.0].
    4. They deceive and attack to obtain ground. [8.19].
  1. The ground given to e.s. for access:

mind |

  1. Every thought accepted from them. [4.1], [7.0], [7.1], [7.3].
  2. Wrong conceptions suggested by them, of spirit things. [7.5].
  3. Wrong interpretation of their workings, by believing their lies. [5.0], [7.24], [7.25].

spirit, |
soul, and |
body    |

  1. Passivity of spirit, soul or body. [4.2], [4.3], [4.17], [5.24], [5.25], [6.24], [7.21]
  2. Accepting of counterfeits. [4.1]

    Note: (a) The fallen nature is permanent ground, needing to be dealt with perpetually on the basis of Rom. 6. [8.5], [8.7]

    (b) Acts of sin may also give ground. [5.0], [5.1]

  1. Results of ground given:
    Faculties dulled, rendered inoperative, etc. [5.24], [7.24]
  1. How ground is given to e.s.:
    By CONSENT, i.e., act of will consciously; deliberately given, or obtained by guile. [5.7], [5.17], [10.19]

    Col. List II, [102]
  1. How ground has to be dealt with:
    1. Must be found out and given up, i.e., give up "thought," or "passivity," etc. [4.25]
    2. Light on ground obtained by prayer. [5.17], [8.9]
    3. Knowledge of ground, and ground given up. [8.8], [8.9]
    4. Must face truth about ground. [8.2]
    5. Ground must be discovered in detail for full dis-possession from e.s. [8.11], [8.12]
    6. Ground given up specifically on points wherein deceived. [8.9]
    7. Ground traced to radical cause, i.e., thought and belief.

    N.B. "Ground" cannot be cast out. [8.0]
  1. How ground is removed or given up:
    1. By revoking consent given in the past, knowlingly or unknowingly, i.e., by steady refusal. [8.9], [8.12], [8.18], [8.20], [10.19]
    2. Persistent refusal needed until liberty is obtained. [8.12]
    3. Ground may pass away gradually. [8.20]
    4. Ground may pass away unknowingly by standing on Rom. 6. [5.1]

    Why ground does not pass away when given up. [8.11], [8.12]
  1. How dispossession takes place:
    1. As ground is removed the e.s. depart, or lose hold. [5.17]
    2. Believer dispossessed as ground passes away, i.e., wrong thoughts, passivity, etc. pp. [8.9], [8.12]
    3. Faculties gradually released as ground is given up. [8.12]
  1. Ground refused to e.s. is ground retaken for God, e.g., faculties surrendered to e.s. when released are recovered for God. [8.9], [8.12]
  1. Need of watching lest fresh ground given. [8.9]
    In conflict, because of e.s. reattempt to deceive, and re-enter, need of watchful and exhaustive refusal. [10.16], [10.17], [10.18], [10.19], [10.20], [10.21], [10.22], [10.23]


Ground to be given up: e.g., a thought or belief discovered as deception, and "given up."

Ground which admits e.s. keeps e.s. in possession: e.g., e.s. works on passivity which is ground for them to work upon. If not removed keeps e.s. in possession.

Ground to be re-taken from the foe: e.g., the faculties recovered for use. [8.9]

Ground newly given: e.g., a new deception through believing one of e.s. lies.

Notes. All supernatural manifestations by e.s. in believer denote that there is ground for their workings. See [6.24], [7.0], [11.17]

The believer fighting to freedom, must watch lest new ground is given by wrong interpretation of manifestations of e.s. [7.24] see tables on [7.25]

Need of watchfulness against "excuses" suggested by e.s. to cover ground, or divert dealing with it. [7.24]

For further knowledge of "ground" see Column Lists [102], [8.3]

[12.21] The Name of the Calvary Victor and Its Power
[13.2] Seeking Radical Cause in Ground
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